18 Funny Homework Excuses that Kids Often Make Assignment Work Help

18 Funny Homework Excuses that Kids Often Make

06 Jul 18 Funny Homework Excuses that Kids Often Make

Every student has a unique and memorable experience of their academic life. However, homework is one such part of your life as a student that you wish to give as much as possible. We are sure that all of you have made excuses for not doing homework in one instance or another. Sometimes these excuses intelligent lies that we convinced our teachers and professors with, the other times we were caught because of the sheer innocence of the white lies that we spoke. These days, the students have become advanced and so have the excuses that the use for not doing the homework. This is an interesting and elliptically compilation of the wonderful, creative and weird reasons that students have come up with. Because nobody’s dog eats their homework anymore. At least the teachers don’t buy it. However, we have a word of caution for you if you are planning to use these excuses. Be sure that you do not use the same excuse too many times or the teacher will lose sympathy and you won’t get away the next time.

  1. We got a new paper shredder and my mother wanted to see if it was working.
  2. My dad took it to his office mistaking it for one of his official documents.
  3. Last night, our family run out of toilet paper and it was an awkward situation. My brother grabbed my homework in a rush while going to the loo.
  4. Since you only asked us to do the homework and did not say anything about handing it in, I left it at home. But honestly, I have finished my homework as per your directions.
  5. The lights in our house went out due to heavy rain. I had to burn it to get enough light to see the fuse. When the lights were back, I did not have enough time to write the assignment once again.
  6. It slipped out of my hand and blew away with the wind. This is also the reason why I came late to the class, I was chasing my paper.
  7. My mum did my homework wrong so I had to throw it out of the bus window.
  8. I love my homework in the back of our pickup truck. I forgot that my dad was taking the truck through a car wash.

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I had completed my homework, but there was an Alien invasion from Mars and the Martians sucked all the ink of my paper. This is the reason I had to turn in a blank sheet today.

          • I did not bring my homework because my dad completely forgot to do it for me.
          • I was completing my homework sitting on the beach when a tide came in and all the sheets got wet.
          • My sister’s friend was visiting yesterday and he wanted to show me how much paper he could eat. He ate all my homework trying to show his talent.
          • My mother has an OCD and she likes cleaning things. She thought my homework is trash and she threw it in the trash bin.
          • I have hurt my finger and so I could not hold a pen to finish the homework. Wrapping a bandage on your finger gets extra points for this excuse.
          • My dad thought that the homework was a letter and he posted it to another country.
          • My mother was so proud of the accomplishment of me completing the homework that she decided to get it framed and hang it on a wall.
          • My brother accidentally cleaned his study table with my homework.
          • Our heating system broke yesterday and we had to burn all the papers in our house to keep ourselves warm and prevent the family from freezing to death.
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