5 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for Your Exams

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for Your Exams

10 Jan 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for Your Exams

Exams are the ultimate test of the understanding of students about the subjects studied in a particular course. The word exams generally increase tension among students and students require preparation to score good grades in exams. The majority of the students get a lot of advice from their friends, teachers, and family members about the best practices to score good grades in exams. However, students fail to understand that knowing about the best practices is not sufficient to stay on track as they also need to be aware of the common mistakes to avoid by preparing for the exams. The intentions of every student are right but many of the ambitious minds also end up committing silly mistakes in exams and they have to suffer in the final results because of these mistakes. Most of the students are not at all of you about these mistakes because no one talks about them quite often brother everyone talks about the best practices to follow. These mistakes are common in nature part very critical to avoid to get success in the exams. This blog will highlight the five most common mistakes that are generally committed by students while preparing for the exams. You will already be aware of these mistakes but there is a high possibility that you are not putting effort to avoid these mistakes that trap you in your exams. You will also observe that most of the mistakes revolve around the use of technology which has become an inseparable part of the preparation for the exams. For example, the lecture notes are accessible from mobile phones these days and when you study from these lecture notes, you get some notification from social media platforms or some messages from your friends that distract you from your goal easily.

These distractions are very common these days when preparing for exams. Some wrong methods are being used by you all to prepare the exams that trap you to get distracted easily. This blog is summing all of these mistakes in main five points.

1.    Studying without a plan

This is one of the most common mistakes that students generally make. We studied the subject of management that planning is very important for any project or any event. Planning is the first and the most important step for any deliverable in the business world. Similarly, planning is equally important for the students to prepare for their exams properly. When students study without a plan, they often get distracted easily and are unable to focus completely. It is always recommended to create a study plan before actually starting preparing for the exams. The study plan should highlight the specific activities to complete to get desired grades in the exam. A dedicated time should be given to study a particular subject and a particular topic every day irrespective of a busy schedule. This strict planning is required at least 2 to 3 weeks before the exams.

2.    More focus on note-taking rather than understanding

Another mistake that students open do while preparing for exams. Exam preparation starts the moment students and turn to the class and listen to the lecture. At that time, students spend more time in note-taking and do not try to understand what the lecturer is teaching. During the final preparation of exams, students today for these notes and do not understand the text because they were just jotting down the point and not understanding them at the time of the lecture. This has to be avoided by the students and they need to write the key concepts in their own words when the lecturer is teaching so that they can understand the text during exam preparation.

3.    Using the phones in the wrong way

Phones are becoming the biggest distraction these days. Students have to make use of their phones to listen to The lecture recordings and as a timer. However, they get easily distracted by text messages and other notifications on the phone. Instead of using the phone as a timer, a stopwatch should be used or the students should keep the phone on airplane mode and save all the recordings in the phone so that they can have access to the lecture recordings even when the phone is on an airplane mode. Using the phone is not wrong but the right use of the phone during the exam that does not distract you is very important.

4.    Spending too much time on one topic

The student needs to manage their time during the exam because time is limited. It is very important that equal time is distributed to all the topics and too much emphasis on one topic will create a situation where students cannot cover all the topics for the exam. Time management is a skill that has to be adopted by the student and they need to do proper planning of this before preparation of exam. The topic that is very important from the exam point of view should be given comparatively more time and the topics that are easier and less important should be given less time. However, every topic needs to be covered to be on the safer side.

5.    Dwelling on your exam once it is finished

This habit is a very bad habit that needs to be avoided by the students because this can impact other exams as well. Students often come out of the exam hall and start discussing the questions and answers. In case of wrong answers attempt, students become tense and their confidence also decreases. This impacts the next exams and students do not feel confident enough to attempt the next exams. This habit has to be avoided by the students and discussing the answers with other candidates in the detail should be avoided.

These are the top 5 mistakes that you have to avoid to be fully prepared for all the exams and to get success.

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