5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing A College Assignment?

5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing A College Assignment

13 May 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing A College Assignment

Every student has to do a number of assignments in order to successfully complete the degree course and to get good grades. For this purpose, the assignment has to be written by them and it requires time and efforts. There are some things that professors not like at all in the assignment and this can lead to deduction of marks of the students. Therefore, being alert about the things to be avoided in the assignment is important for the students and this article is going to discuss 5 things for writing assignment that must be avoided to score good. These 5 things for writing assignment are not at all appreciated by the professors rather these needed to be taken care of by the students in order to satisfy the minimum criteria of passing the assignment.

These 5 things for writing assignment that has to be stopped by students while writing assignments in order to become a pro in writing attractive and quality assignments.

 A list to avoid 5 things for writing assignment

This list is comprehensive and a deep understanding of this list will help the students score more grades and please the professors through quality content.

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  1. Plagiarism: It is one of the most unwanted things by the professor in the assignment and this can lead to the cancellation of the assignment and the student can fail in the course. Plagiarism means to steal the ideas and work of somebody else and showing it as personal work without providing references. Students often go for this practice in order to save time and energy but it is a big no-no because there is softwarethat can detect plagiarism. These days the systems of Universities and colleges are so strong that whenever a student submits an assignment through the online platform, the software immediately detects plagiarism. The rules related to the permissible level of Plagiarism defer from subject to subject.A student must go through the rules related to Plagiarism before writing the assignment.
  2. Writing too much or too less: It is another important point that the student has to keep in mind and should avoid in the assignment. Every assignment has a specified word limit within which the student has to complete the assignment. Going beyond the limit or falling short of words than required will only result in a deduction of the marks for cancelling out the assignment. Therefore, the assignment should not be containing too many or too fewer words and should be within the specified word limit by the professor.
  3. Beating around the bush: This means talking the same thing using different words just to complete the word requirement or discussing something irrelevant. Professors do not admire this practice and want the students to focus on the specific request of the assignment topic rather than discussing irrelevant things. An assignment should contain more ideas, opinion and facts and the student should not beat around the bush. It is always recommended to restrict the content related to the topic rather than adding unnecessary details. One can make use of examples and facts to make the content attractive.
  4. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes: Spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in assignment shows the lack of focus and carelessness from the side of students that can result in fewer marks. There are a number of online software that can be used by the students to check grammar mistakes. The assignment should be submitted only after giving a Proofreading for the spelling and grammar mistakes by the students.


  1. Avoid wrong references: Adding references is very important to avoid the chances of plagiarism and at the same time citing the right references is very important. Wrong references can result in fewer grades and also it shows a lack of focus from the side of the student. The format mentioned by the professor to cite the references should be used student.

Therefore, the above list to avoid 5 things for writing assignment to be kept in mind and students should Stop Doing these things While Writing a College Assignment. These five pointers can make a huge difference in the assignment marks of the students and this is also the success mantra used by bright students while attempting the assignments.

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