Assignment Business Research Project(HI6008)-Holmes Institute Australia.

Contact us to prepare assignment for business research project-HI6008 Holmes Institute Australia


21 Apr Contact us to prepare assignment for business research project-HI6008 Holmes Institute Australia

Contact us to prepare assignment for business research project (HI6008) Holmes Institute Australia

As we understand that the format of HI6008, Research Project(Group) Writing has been changed for the research paper for Holmes Institute, Faculty of Higher Education, thus AWH is offering you assignment services for $10 per page. We have worked and prepared thousands of assignments in last few years for Holmes Institute’s students. We assure that the changes made by the university this year will be consider effectively by the writers/experts.  Our services are not limited tothe presentation of the findings and conclusions which have been drawnfrom the research, but will also encompass the presentation of the arguments.

The students will be get additional % discount for placing an order for Assessment-1, Assessment 2 and Assessment 3. The scope for further research in the selected domain, containing excellent choices of words at the same time.

We understand that getting a research paper right is not as complex as it seems to be. We will be covering all the aspects of all the three Assessments

Assessment1: Steps for a Research Project

  • Define the Business Research Paradigm, its aim and objective
  • Choose an appropriate methodology
  • Data Collection Techniques and Methods, such as Primary and Secondary Method (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Analysis, Interpretation and Limitation
  • Project Scheduling (Gantt Chart and PERT Chart)
  • Conclusion


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Assessment2:Literature Review

  • Select the best articles, journals and research papers written by other authors related to your research paradigm.
  • Describe the different aspects of other author’s related to the chosen research subject or questions and then compare it withthe opinion you will arrive after carrying your research.

Clearly mention or highlight the Methodology and approaches used by different author’s in relation to research paradigm and research questions

Assessment3: Research Project

  • Aim of the Research Problem, define schedule and milestones
  • Identify the research questions
  • Prepare the team charter to define responsibilities to the team members and mention their deliverables with schedule

The research assignment requires in-depth and detailed study and it may require extensive editing for student’s approval on the first draft. Thus, to eliminate all the possible errors, and to keep it to the point, we make sure to select a research topic as per studentgroup or team’s choice and professor’s approval.

We work to continuous make improvements in the paper to make it perfect. There are few other details which needs to be considered while doing all the three assessments of research paper, which are:

  • Choose the right topic and Refine the topic as per the guidelines given by Holmes University and the professor
  • Research extensively and go beyond the research
  • Determine the audience of the targeted research topic
  • Keep itsimple to understand
  • Divide into sections and mention it clearly so that everything is written in a flow
  • Pay attention to language and Edit it carefully

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