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Best Homework Essay Structure to Boost your Grades

13 Mar Best Homework Essay Structure to Boost your Grades

Essay writing is one of the important elements in the student’s life as many assignments has to be done and essays have to be written. In the classroom, the teachers help the students in the essay writing and also guide them properly. However, when it comes to homework essays, student have to be independent and work on their own without any help. In this case, students need to follow best Homework Essay Structure in order to boost their grade and to write an impressive piece of essay. This article will discuss about best Homework Essay Structure. There are some steps that need to be followed by the students while following the best Homework Essay Structure. The best homework essay structure is based on step-by-step approach that guide the students on what should come first and what should come next.

Homework essay structure

The most suitable structure to different types of homework essays is including an introduction, main body paragraph and conclusion.

  • Introduction: It is one of the most important and the basic element of the homework essays. Every essay should have the initial paragraph discussing about the basics of the topic and the problems that the writer is going to resolve through the essay. Introduction has to be impressive because it sets the tone of the essay and the readers will feel connected with the writer’s opinions and thoughts from the introduction itself. Many a times, readers do not turn the page to the next paragraph because of weak introduction and they start losing their interest in reading more.

Therefore, introduction is very important to involve the audience and should follow some basic steps to make the introduction impressive.

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  • The writer should make use of a “hook phrase” to Grab the attention of a and then the topic should be explained in general.
  • The background information can be added in the introduction if required and the importance of the essay should be discussed. The objectives of the purpose for writing the essay on given topic should be described in impressive language and the context should be established in the introduction itself.
  • In case of argumentative or persuasive essay, the personal opinion should be added in the introduction to convince the audience. In case of compare and contrast essay, both sides of the problem should be described in brief in the introduction.
  • A thesis statement should be added in the end of the introduction to support the Other paragraphs.
  • Body of the essay: This will include the main premises and supporting points for the topic. One should not be beating around the bush and discuss unnecessary things while setting up the premises. If needed, more than one paragraphs can be used under the body of the essay. The writer should explain different supporting ideas in different paragraphs. Each of the supporting idea should be explain with the help of examples and data to capture the attention of the readers and to make the points stronger.

   For example, if the writer is writing an essay on the global warming, then the statistics or data related to the rising sea levels can be used to validate the points. In case of argumentative or persuasive essays, the writer should also throw some light on the opposing or contending view. This will add more authenticity to the essay structure.

  • Conclusion: After giving the supporting points, setting of the premises, using the examples and data to support the supporting point and discussing the opposing views as body of the essay, the writer should proceed to the next paragraph that will be the concluding paragraph. Now this paragraph is the climax of the essay and it has to be very interesting so that readers can have a strong impact of the writer’s opinions and views. The conclusion should be written in such a manner that it is summarising the whole text. This will help the audience to recollect the ideas and the main points discussed. The conclusion should be firm and should not be including an opposing opinion. It should communicate the observation and inferences of the writer to the audience in the clear language.

Hence, this structure if properly followed in the writing of homework essays will help to boost the grades. In addition to these steps, writer should also make use of correct tone, language, spelling and grammar to make the essay more impressive. Irrelevant information and repeating of same and same information should also be avoided by the writer.

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