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How does Life Change in College?

07 Nov How does Life Change in College?

College is the time where your life transforms itself. While this transformation is much awaited, it also accompanies many changes which are unexpected and at the same time inevitable. Usually, we imagine, college isn’t the end of the years of hard work but actually the beginning of the actual journey. Entering this adulthood period causes a lot of changes in so many things but which is more individual based rather than common. Yet, there are some common problems every freshman needs to be prepared for. Below are four such things that are definitely going to change with the commence of this new experience of college life.

4 changes awaiting you for college life


A huge change in lifestyle is the most common problem that college students face right at the beginning. There’s no lie to it that high school and college are entirely two different things and a switch from high school to college greatly affects our lifestyle and in a negative manner. Of course, college offers us so many opportunities and welcomes us with heart throbbing experiences which turn into unforgettable memories. But this isn’t it. This is a part of college life but it’s not always about parties, romantic dates, concerts and fun things. Reality is a bit different and includes loads of homework, pending assignments, rents, fees, tuition fees, part-time job, exams and a lot more. Since this happens with most of the college students, almost all of them end up getting a tiresome life where lays no space for leisurely activities or dates or any concerts or even self-care routine. Sometimes students stretch themselves too thin and work like robots which may help them to do things which mean just do things and nothing more. This may seem right at first but causes no good and in fact, causes more harm in the long run. So this is true to say that with the start of a new life lifestyle changes too and in most cases in a negative way.

Time management

Managing time during your college years is no less than a war. Sometimes you just feel that even 24 hours a day are not enough for the number of tasks you have to do. Loads of work to do and obviously the best time of your life might confuse where to go and what to do. No doubt this is the time where your future will be decided and you ought to work hard but working all time and denying that cute date which may turn the love of your life. Life is all about priorities and this is the time when nothing is behind in context of priority. If not equally, almost everything is important similarly. You can set aside something for once and focus on other but cannot leave something entirely. This is where time management skills play a key role which is obviously not that easy as it seems to be. Since this skill lies in hands of a little people, a majority of college students find themselves unable to cope up with so many tasks and often end up either missing many things or doing them so abruptly that it doesn’t make any difference doing them.


Sleep is something a person of any age group needs and needs enough of it in order to stay healthy and fit. Ironically, the period of life where you will need lots of energy to do so many things is the time when you are likely to get the least time to sleep. If you are a college going student then the foremost sacrifice you need to make is, forget about those most important 8-10 hours of beauty sleep because the maximum number of hours you would be able to spare is three to five hours. This combined with the tiresome part-time job and endless homework will make you feel more and more exhausted. Whereas the truth is that all of this only helps in making things worse. Bad effects on the body and ill health can obviously do no good. Anyone would suggest that students should sleep early and wake up early but this advice won’t be given here because no student in history would have followed and will never do so and thus, talking about a set routine of sleeping and waking up early with such a hectic schedule is something very baseless to speak off.


College-going students can completely relate to the fact that you had to deal with an endless number of expenses. Another relatable thing is that sometimes you can’t even decide what is more depressing- checking your bank account or checking the number of assignments left to do. College fee, tuition fees, renting charges, clothes, food, travelling and so much more… the list is indeed never ending! And so is the expenditure. Surprising is that by the end of the month you may have no idea where your money went while you may still have lots of expenditure on the way. The only way to take you out of this situation is to take up extra working hours which obviously mean more tiredness, more stress, less time left. This causes a loop which goes on. When it comes to savings, it is something which is usually preached but seldom followed. The story of your life- every time you think of saving some money, the same month there has to be some amazing party or some event or just anything where you just have to spend money. While this is something sad, don’t lose hope because this happens with almost everyone.

As you may have realised that college life does have bitter experiences and to be honest a lot of them. But this is the time when you can show up your real potential and use it to the fullest. This all may seem quite letting down but at the same time, there are going to be so many nice experiences too that will always pump you up and push you back to place. Even if that does not happen there is still one thing you have to remind yourself that this time is worth taking the pain for.

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