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How Many Pages is 1250 Words?

10 Apr How Many Pages is 1250 Words?

The more the better! This maxim is completely valid for articles having 1000+ words requirements. Longer articles are generally assigned to the students when there is detailed study required on the subject matter and the processes are expecting you to include all the points and data asked for in the question. This blog discusses in detail the number of pages that you need to write in order to complete a task having a word limit of 1250 words. The general rule of thumb to be followed when writing the articles is to stick to the word limit because generally the teachers would not great the text after the assigned word limit has been exhausted. Depending upon the university and the professor, some allow the students to exceed the text by about 10% extra words which indicates that you can write about 125 words more in addition to the 1250 word response.

Times New Roman and Arial are the two recommended font styles for writing academic and professional papers. A 1250 words article will take about two and a half pages with single line spacing and if the line spacing is increased to double, these words would go up to 4.80 pages.

How to compose 1250 words?

On the off chance that the students are specifically instructed to stick to the 1250 words limit, the article can be divided into four key areas of Title, introduction, body and conclusion. Each of these sections should be composed as per the instructions provided below.

Title: Not more than 6 words. The title should be clear and straightforward communicating what is included in the article.

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Introduction: Not more than 200 words.

Body: The body of the article should be divided into sections as per the questions that the article needs to answer.

Conclusion: Not more than 100 words.

Following is the table given for your reference. Use it for checking page and word tally of your written text to decide how many pages you need to write for a particular word limit:

Word Count


Single spaced

No. of Pages

Double spaced

No. of Pages

250 ½ 1
300 1⅓
400 1⅗
500 1 2
600 1⅓ 2⅔
750 3
800 1⅗ 3⅕
1000 2 4
1250 2⅖ 4⅘
1500 3 6
2000 4 8
2500 5 10
3000 6 12
3500 7 14
4000 8 16
5000 10 20
6000 12 24
7500 15 30
8000 16 32
10000 20 40
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