Points to Consider While Select a Dissertation Topic

How to select a dissertation topic

21 Jul How to select a dissertation topic

Dissertation is a research project that has to be completed by the undergraduate students, the postgraduate students or the PhD students as part of their degree courses. It is also sometimes known as thesis and it is always linked with the research. The independent research skills are tested and developed through the dissertations and students are generally guided by their tutors or guide throughout the research. The first step in the dissertation is a selection of the topic which is a tedious task and choosing a dissertation topic requires a lot of efforts of the students. Also, the quality and success of a research project or dissertation are highly dependent upon the relevance of the topic selected. Therefore, students have to be very cautious while selecting the topic and many a time they have to take approval from their guide or professor for the topic. How to select a dissertation topic is a crucial question and in everyday search, students try to find the perfect answer for this. This article will help to provide you with the best solution related to “how to select a dissertation topic”.

How to choose a dissertation topic

Following are some of the points that can be considered in order to find a dissertation topic:

  • Understand the guidelines given by the Professor: Most of the times, the students are provided with the guidelines related to their dissertation or research project by their professor. It is important to refer to all of those guidelines before searching the topic. Sometimes a list of topics is given by the professor to the student from which a topic has to be selected. In this case, the student should choose the topic that interests him or her the most.
  • Select a topic that you find interesting: The next important point to consider is to always select a topic that is as per your interest and that can help you in your career building. This will help you to put more efforts in completing your research project and also the quality of the work will improve. At the same time, the knowledge will also enhance related to the topic that interests you.

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  • Choose something unique: The basic purpose of Dissertation or research projects is to fill the research gaps of the previous study and to find out some new and interesting that can help to resolve the existing problems. Therefore, it is important to select something new for unique that can add value to the subject matter.
  • Be realistic and objective: It is important that the topic that you select is having relevance in the present time. There are some topics that are outdated and have no relevance in the current scenario. Those topics should not be selected. Also, only those research objectives should be framed that are realistic and within the scope of research. This will improve the authenticity of the research title.
  • Select the topic which is feasible: You have to be clear about the scope that you want to cover in your research project before selecting the title. If you want to do research on a specific category of persons, country or any other specific things, design your title accordingly. It is always recommended to choose a scope that is feasible to be researched within the given time and resources. It happens that some researches need more budget and time than the available budget and time. This topic if selected will not be completed within the given time and resources which will result in poor grades. Hence, it is important to check the feasibility of the project topic before selection.
  • Do secondary research before selecting the topic:Secondary research means looking for the existing researches on the subject matter or going through books, articles or journals in order to understand the scope of further research. This will help you to come up with unique ideas to select your research topic.
  • Take help of a tutor or professor: If still, you are unable to find an appropriate topic for a research project or dissertation, always talk to the tutor or professor to take their advice before further proceeding. This will help you to come up with more ideas and resolve your queries.

Therefore, how to come up with a dissertation topic is an important aspect that every research student should be aware of. These tips and tricks will help you to select the relevant topic and will also save your efforts.

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