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How to Write a Dedication Page

20 Jan How to Write a Dedication Page

A dedication page is usually found at the beginning of a book and the author praise some individuals and group of individuals on this page who have helped him to write the book. As the name suggests, the dedication page mention all the individuals and group of individuals who have helped the writer in completing the creative writing process. This page is written by the writer for dedicating the writing to someone or to express gratitude for someone. The dedication page cannot be lengthy and need to be concise. The author cannot write all the names he wants to show gratitude if the list is very long as some have to be skipped. However, these names can further be added in the acknowledgment section. The dedication page is the right of the author to express thanks to the people who have been dedicated to writing certain content or book. The author can express thanks to family members, close friends, readers of the book, inspirational figures in one’s life, people that the author wants to highlight. A dedication page is personal and not a professional page which is usually short and to the point. Writing a dedication page is a personal choice of the author and it is not a mandatory section. However, every writer likes to write this page to acknowledge others and express gratitude. Writing a dedication page needs experience and there are some relevant points that the author has to consider while writing a dedication page. You also have to understand that there is not a specific process or pattern to be followed while writing the dedication page as it is the personal writing of the writer. However, if you are planning to write a dedication page, you have to be true and honest and follow a free process of writing.

How to write a dedication page?

If you are new to writing a dedication page for your research paper, content, assignment, or book, then you have to keep in mind some points. Following are some of the tips and tricks to write an impressive dedication page for your writing:

  • Decide who will be the focus of the dedication page: You have to prepare a list of people that you want to express your gratitude to and whom you want to acknowledge in advance. Give priority to the people in your list and finalize the list of people you want to mention in your dedication mage. There is no magic formula in this and it is completely your personal choice. You can mention your kids, spouse, parents, friends, relatives, or anyone on this dedication page. If there are many names you want to mention to show your acknowledgment, then you have skipped some of the names on the dedication page as it can’t be lengthy. You still have a choice to add some of the names in the acknowledgment section as the acknowledgment section can be lengthy as compared to the dedication section.
  • Be true and honest: You should understand that the dedication page is your right and it is a personal page that is linked with your emotions and sentiments. You should avoid following ostentatious statements rather than be true and honest in your writing. You have to keep in mind that the dedication page is written at the beginning of any book or paper which means every reader will come across this section while reading the content written by them. If you will express your true feelings on this page, then readers will gain trust and confidence in your writing which will help you to establish a positive connection with them. Always remember that there are no right or wrong on the dedication page. So, be yourself while writing it and go with your gut.
  • Consider all the readers while writing the dedication page: You have to remember that everyone will have access to this dedication page and it is at the beginning of your book or writing. You have to write the dedication page keeping all the readers in your mind and readers like to connect with such writers who are true and honest. The dedication page shows your personality and attitude to the readers. You have to make a conscious choice of what and whom you want to get impacted by this dedication page.


  • Make it short: You have to understand that the dedication page has to be short and to the point. You cannot use much space for writing the dedication page which means you have to limit the number of people you want to show gratitude in this dedication page. Sometimes you will be stuck with too many names that have influenced you in the process of writing but you have to mention the names of the most important people who have been your direct inspiration for writing the content. You may have to leave some of the names on the dedication page but always remember it has to be short and crisp.
  • Review dedication section examples if required: You can also review some of the dedication page examples if you are stuck in between writing the dedication page. Several books have an impressive dedication page and you can have a loon on these books to get a hint. You should also review your dedication page before getting it published and spot any missing names and mistakes.


Always remember that the dedication page is not a professional requirement rather it has a sentimental value to you and it is your personal section where you can mention the names of all those who have been a dedication to you in the process of writing your research paper or book.

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