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How to Write a Position Paper outline Guide & Tips

12 Aug How to Write a Position Paper outline Guide & Tips

How to Write a Position Paper outline Guide & Tips

The position paper is a kind of essay in which there are two or more opinions, and the writer has to present an arguable opinion related to the given problem in the topic. The basic purpose of writing a position paper is to convince the readers and audience that the opinion presented by the writer is worth listening to and valid. In academics, students often receive homework related to the position paper writing. Sometimes professors provide the topic of the position paper on which the opinions has to be presented by the students, and sometimes the topic has to be selected by the students on their own. Writing a position paper is very challenging, specifically when the students are new to this form of writing. There is a need to add relevant facts and figures to convince the audience about the opinion presented in a position paper.

Our homework help services are also available for the position paper, and you to write a position paper without any difficulties. There is a proper format and structure that has to be followed to write a position paper. In this blog, we will help you to know about this format, and we will guide you about relevant tips and tricks that are very helpful in writing a convincing piece of position paper.

Selecting the topic: The first and foremost thing in writing the position paper is a selection of the topic. If you have already been given the topic by or professor, then you have to stick to that topic and try to understand the topic before starting writing. If you are given the opportunity to select your own topic, then you must take it after conducting relevant research. Always choose the topic which is challenging and arguable so that you get enough opportunity to present your opinion. Also, choose a topic that you find interesting. This will help you to focus more and enjoy the process of writing a position paper.

Investigate the topic: You must conduct preliminary research before you start writing to the topic because sufficient evidence and Facts are required to support your argument. You must also be aware of all the available opinions and arguments, and you should develop an opinion on the basis of facts and not on the basis of your personal beliefs. You can take the telephone off a number of online and offline sources to collect preliminary information about the topic. This will help you in covering up the initial knowledge gap, and you will not feel demotivated to write a position paper.

Choose a particular opinion: It is very important that you choose a particular opinion strongly and you should always support your opinion. You should always be available to the opposite view and determine all the possible challenges that you are likely to face to support your viewpoint. By becoming very about these challenges and opposite views, you will be able to put forward such examples and facts that will make your side of opinion heavier and trustworthy. It is important to choose a particular site because, in a position paper, you cannot give neutral opinions, and you’ll have to be strongly opinionated.

Present supporting evidence and examples: Supporting your viewpoint by presenting relevant evidence and examples will increase the credibility of your writing and also will convince the audience about your opinion. You are free to conduct online and offline research to support your viewpoint and to validate your opinions. While providing examples and supporting evidence, it is important that you validate the sources you are using, and the examples should not be hypothetical; rather, these examples should be fact-based. The audience does not like hypothetical examples in position paper because the paper is not about your personal view, but it is about the facts and real statistics. You can also collect supporting evidence and examples by interviewing relevant people and by taking exports opinions.

Position paper outline

Outlining your position paper is very important, and you have to arrange to fat in a proper format and structure. Following are relevant pointers with regard to creating an outline for your position paper:

  • Introduce the topic by providing some basic background information and then build up the thesis sentence that will be used for developing further points and opinions.
  • The possible objections related to your position need to be introduced in order to gather the attention of the audience.
  • You have to support and acknowledge the opposing point, but you should make sure that you’re not discrediting your own opinions in this process.
  • You have to discredit some of your counter-arguments in order to prove that your argument is the superior and strong one.
  • Summarise your arguments and restate your opinion at the end of the paper. You should avoid focusing on counter-argument in this part of your position paper.

Let us present you with a position paper sample outline. Suppose you have to write about fast food chains and you are against the fast-food industry. You can start your people by writing that “Fast food restaurants are bad for our health”. You can also further elaborate on the supporting evidence by writing that “Fast food packages should contain warning labels, but these labels are sometimes manipulative because these can impact the profits of major corporations negatively “.

Use all of these tricks and tips to write an impressive position paper.

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