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How to Write A Project Proposal

16 Apr How to Write A Project Proposal

Project proposal is a type of document that contains complete details of the projects and it is the basic step to initiate a project. The stakeholders are important to consider as the project proposal is written for them. Project proposal writing demands data analytics and detailed research to persuade the stakeholders. One must write a project proposal only after understanding the audience and for this research work has to be done by the project manager. To write a project proposal requires creative skills as the proposal has to be attractive. The writer must write a project proposal using simple and clear language so that audience can understand the proposal. This blog will highlight some of the tactics to write a project proposal containing simple project proposal example and project proposal outline.  Step by step approach for project proposal writing is discussed below:

  • Problem definition: It is important to define the problem in the first place in the project proposal so that audience can understand what the project manager is trying to resolve through the project. Facts should be used rather than using opinions and the point should be strongly described because stakeholders have limited time to give to the project proposal reading. The stakeholders like to give facts more importance because opinions contains biasness and personal judgement that does not make a project attractive so the audience or stakeholders.
  • Presenting the solution: Just defining the problem is not enough as the stakeholders should be able to understand what creative solution you are able to present to the existing problem. It is recommended to make use of anticipated objections and questions while presenting the solution. The purpose of the project should be made clear to the audience. The impact of the solution should be discussed on different sections of the society, environment and related audience in a crisp manner through the use of right language and tone. The solutions should again be based on the facts instead of opinions as the facts-based solutions are more likely to attract the stakeholders.

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  • Define the deliverables: Deliverable should be defined in detail along with the delivery date and the success criteria of the project should also be discussed. The deliverables help the stakeholders to understand what this project will be able to deliver once implemented and they are able to understand the feasibility of the project through this. SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) solution should be used. This will make the project solutions and success criteria more appealing and practical.
  • Discuss plan: Detailed plan and approach to achieve the project objectives should be discussed in the project proposal. The strategies should be discussed in detail and how these strategies will help to resolve the problems should be highlighted.
  • Outlining the budget and schedule: It is important to outline the estimated cost of the project and the deadlines related to the same through the use of tables and graphs. The information presented should be concrete. The schedule should be divided in a series of activities along with tentative date of completing that activity.
  • Proofreading:The project proposal should be given proofreading before submitting it to the stakeholders. The tone and language of the project should be in such a manner that the audience can be connected. The sections of the project proposal should be linked with each other so that it summarises the problem and solution properly.

Therefore, these are some of the step for how to write a proposal for a project. These steps help to make the proposal attractive. An example of a project proposal can be the topics related to education, health, environment, technology, etc. One can talk about the problems related to increasing pollution, health impacts due to COVID-19 outbreak, the problem related to the decreasing social life due to COVID-19 and many more current problems can be part of the project proposal. It is important to provide feasible solutions to these project proposals in order to get the coordination from the stakeholders. These days many project software tools are present in the market that can be used to pitch a proposal to the audience. However, understanding the steps for writing the project through the use of pen and paper or a notepad on computer is also important.

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