How to Write an Awesome Research Paper - 8 Important Tips

How to Write an Awesome Research Paper – 8 Important Tips

15 Nov How to Write an Awesome Research Paper – 8 Important Tips

An indispensable part of any academic course is a research paper, and there is a lot of thought, hard work and practice that goes into making a good research paper that conveys to the reader the intended message in a simple yet effective manner.  Discussed in this article are some tips that can be followed by writing a good research paper. Writing a research paper in an effective way does not just involve the presentation of the findings and conclusions that have been drawn with the research, but also includes the presentation of the arguments and the scope for further research in the selected domain, containing excellent choices of words at the same time. Getting the research paper right is not as complex as it seems to be. The tips mentioned in this article will help you out with one:

Choose the right topic

The topic that is being chosen to conduct a research on, should be taken from a broad subject and narrowed down to a specific area. There must be enough studies and literature available to refer to when studying about the topic, and there must be a lot of articles and studies on related topics, with divergent opinions, so that they can all be critically analyzed.

Refine the topic

As you start reading the literature relevant to the subject been chosen, you will start to realize how assertive the topic is going to be and how well the arguments can be formulated for the research. This is the initial phase of the research paper, it is still possible to make changes to the topic by revising it and reviewing it to keep it simple yet informative.

Research extensively

Although this looks like a no-brainer, it is necessary to carry out an extensive research since the bibliography of the report and all the articles and research mentioned in it, that have been referred by you, communicate the efforts that have been invested in the compilation of the research.

Determine the audience

Having a clear idea of the intended audience for the research paper will help in determining the pivotal points and the methods for the presentation of information in it. Determining the appropriate audience for the paper also helps in putting the writing in context and to critique it. Although it is always good to have a generalized and simple paper which can be appreciated and understood by all, it is important to determine who the target audience is, for which the research paper is being primarily composed.

Keep it simple

The research and its conclusions and inferences must not be overly complicated and must be communicated in a clear and precise manner. Beating around the bush and adding unnecessary jargons will only make the readers lose interest in the paper. Therefore, it is always suggested to keep the research paper readable, concise and not too complicated.

Divide into sections

Dividing a research paper into sections does not just increase its overall attractiveness, but also helps the readers who want to skim over and get a gist of the matter included in the report. The sections also provide exact information that the readers are looking for and make the paper more organized and indexed.

Pay attention to language

Being grammatically correct and having the correct sentence structure goes a long way in writing a research paper. The research paper must be grammatically accurate, because no matter how important and thorough the research is if it is not well presented, it will always fail to create a mark and keep the readers engaged.

Edit brutally

Detailed and extensive editing is required to be done on every draft of the research paper to eliminate any possible errors, and to keep it to the point. Editing helps in making improvements in the paper, and in finding mistakes that can be corrected. Some ways that can help in a more efficient editing can be; by letting the research paper sit for a few days before you begin editing it, by changing the font size or style of the research paper to get a fresh perspective or by reading it out loud.

Although there are a lot more details that need to be considered while composing a research paper, these tips will help you in putting together all the information and will help you with the composition of a well-written research paper.

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