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Importance of thesis in post graduation

29 Jun Importance of thesis in post graduation

Most of the students of post graduation get dreaded with the word ‘thesis’ or ‘dissertation’. The thesis is an essential component of most of the program for post graduation. It can define the success or failure of the students as it allows the teachers and the professors to evaluate the level of involvement and understanding of the students for the subject. Preparing a thesis is the perfect way to refresh the subject’s knowledge and make sure that students are able operating with this data, conduct scientific researches and make an analysis and the entire process of writing the thesis also plays a vital role in changing the student’s life. So, much consideration is required during this process and no one can achieve better grades without hard work and proper research and writing skills. It must be kept in mind by the thesis writers that every word and phrase used in thesis writing must be of top quality and it must have some meaning and sense, otherwise, it will be just a time wasting activity.

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What is a post graduation thesis?

A post graduation thesis is a lengthy study written on a topic chosen by you. It is carried out under the guidance of a faculty supervisor of your master’s degree and involve an extended period of research and writing. The content and the length of the post graduation thesis is dependent upon the field of study, the subject, the approach and your topic.


How is a post graduation thesis different from the undergraduate and PhD level thesis?

The post graduation thesis is more complex and requires greater level of engagement with the subject area by the students as compared to the undergraduate thesis. Most of the students would have already completed a bachelor’s dissertation but the expectations that the professors have from the post graduation thesis are very different. At this stage, the students are expected to carry out critical analysis and go beyond the synthesized reviews that the typically include in the undergraduate thesis. The philosophical and the methodological framework adopted for writing a post graduation thesis need to be more clear and structured and it requires analysis that is more focus and incisive.

The post graduation thesis is also different from the PhD dissertations as the dissertations compiled for M Phil for PHD require completely original research while the master’s thesis is more dependent upon the previous research in the subject. The thesis to be prepared for M Phil and PhD is also more lengthy and requires unique text based research. You are not expected to present any groundbreaking are completely unique study however it has to be detailed and well crafted. The post graduation thesis should be completely original writing and include critical analysis nevertheless.


What is the structure of a post graduation thesis?

The typical structure followed for writing a post graduation thesis is presented below. However, it is important to understand that the length and nature of these subheadings is dependent upon the academic field and the approach taken to conduct the research.

  • Executive summary

This is a brief summary statement that contextualises your research, outlines your methodology and summarises the findings of the study.

  • Literature review

A chapter that summarises the most important theories and philosophies from previous researchers that are relevant to your research.

  • Methodology

A thesis chapter or statement that details the methods used to conduct your research, and also provides a justification for these choices.

  • Analytical chapters

The main body of the thesis, these chapters provide a critical analysis of your chosen material or subject.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is the final chapter summarises your findings and suggests possible directions for future research.

  • References

The references section is expected to be quite lengthy and detailed and must conform to the style guidelines for your discipline.


What are the benefits of writing a thesis for post graduation?

A thesis gives you a valuable opportunity to delve into interesting research for a greater depth of learning in your career area and field of study. Employers often prefer students with a thesis paper in their portfolio because it showcases their gained writing skills, authoritative awareness of the field, and the ambition to learn. the process of defending your thesis will also fine-tune your critical communication and public speaking skills, which will be very useful in any career. In fact, many graduates eventually publish their thesis work in academic journals to gain a higher level of credibility for leadership positions as well.

In the end, we can say that writing a post graduation thesis will help in supporting your academic and professional qualifications for a degree. The research findings and the entire process of compiling the thesis will help you grow and hone your skills. While it’s important to note that some graduate programs offer non-thesis tracks for master’s degrees, the thesis is the main capstone staple for many others. If you find the process of writing thesis scary and tiring, you can always take help from one of the various thesis writing services online. Assignment work help offers complete money back guarantee and 100% plagiarism-free papers. Our team of expert writers are ready to share their knowledge and experience with everyone in need. Our service emphasizes privacy and security as our major principles. After you place an order, you can choose the best specialist from our panel of experts. In this way, you can find the best writer match. There are no limitations as to study levels and academic paper types when it comes to thesis writing by assignment work help.

The best features offered by our service include unlimited free revisions and free formatting. You can easily track the progress of your thesis with us. our professional writers will support you on any stage of research, writing and editing process. Striking the right balance between proper content and excellent format, our thesis writing service is one of the students’ top choices.

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