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Individual consultancy report

Executive summary

Consultation services help a business to make some helpful decisions. This is a consultation report. This report will help the Afro impressions to understand the market of hair and beauty salons in a more practical manner and to be aware of the number of opportunities available in the market. Accordingly, the new strategy will be developed. The report is based on analyzing the marketing environment, evaluating the current strategies and to validate their suitability as per the current marketing environment, developing of new marketing strategy and to prepare a detailed implementation plan and budget. As part of the consultation service, detailed recommendations and guidance will be provided to Afro impressions regarding starting the hairdressing training academy. 


Executive summary. 1

Introduction and Objectives. 3

Industry overview.. 4

Market Analysis. 5

PESTEL Analysis. 6

Five forces model 10

SWOT Analysis. 14

Marketing strategy. 16

STP Analysis. 16

Current strategy and evaluation. 18

New marketing strategy for overall growth. 20

Implementation and costing of strategy. 23

Recommendations. 26

Conclusion. 27

References. 29

Introduction and Objectives

This is a consultancy report for a salon named Afro impressions. This salon has a hairdressing shop and also it provides small workshops on training the interested people in hairdressing services. It is based in a town known as Camberley which is just 30 miles away from the London and the owner of the salon, Sophia Mayers wants to expand the business by adding a dedicated department of the hairdressing training academy to the Afro impressions. I am going to provide consultation services on the same to her based on the environmental scanning and will help her to come up with a strong and competitive marketing strategy for opening up this training academy. This report is mainly based on below mentioned four objectives:

  1. Market Analysis:The first objective is to analyze the market. For this purpose, PESTEL analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis and SWOT analysis will be done. This will help to understand the market better, and threats and opportunities for the industry can be analyzed. The understanding about the external environment gets better with this analysis.
  2. Existing strategy evaluation: The second objective is to evaluate the current marketing strategy of the company in order to understand if the ongoing market strategy of the business is suitable as per the marketing environment or it needs some alterations. For this purpose, segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) analysis will be done and the marketing mix will be started in order to understand the applicability of the existing marketing strategy and suitability(Srinivasan, 2014).
  3. New strategy development: The third objective is to frame a new strategy of marketing. The environment scanning will help to understand the trends and opportunities available in the market and the preferences of consumers. The existing marketing strategy will be compared with the marketing environment and, in case of any discrepancies, alterations in the existing strategy will be done.
  4. Implementation plan and budgeting: The fourth objective is about the evaluation of the implementation plan and understands the costing required for the implementation of the new strategy to make the modifications in the existing strategy as per the marketing environment. The timeline involved and the requirement of the budget to communicate the expansion of the business to the audience will also be decided(Raghavan, 2014).

Industry overview

The industry for which the consultancy service has to be provided is beauty and hair industry. National hair and beauty federation (NHBF) is helping the opening of the businesses in this field in collaboration with the government because this industry is contributing a lot to provide employment to people, create business opportunities and to increase the turnover and GDP of the Nation.  In 2017, this industry contributed almost 7.5 billion euros of turnover in the economy of England. According to the industry overview for hairdressing, beauty and barbering in England shows that:

  • Turnover for most of the businesses in this industry is less than 99000 euros. Most of the salons, almost 94% employ less than 10 employees in the salon and almost two-third of the salons give employment to less than 5 persons.
  • The businesses in this industry are increasing in the United Kingdomand in comparison, to 2018 statistics, 1000 salons have increased. At present, more than 43000 beauty and hair salons and businesses are there in the United Kingdom(NHBF Limited, 2020).
  • Once a business survives in this industry more than 5 years, the survival rate is much more than other businesses in other industries.
  • Self-employment rate in this industry is more than 50% and mostly young adults find this filed interesting because over 60% of the people working in this field belongs to 16 to 34 years of age.
  • Females find this industry more interesting and attractive to work because 83% of the females are indulged in hairdressing and barbering business. However, Males have started showing interest in this field too(NHBF, 2020).

The overview of the industry shows that, the industry is growing and also many opportunities are there in this industry.


Market Analysis

The first objective of this consultation report analyses the marketing environment of the hair salon and the beauty industry. This is a fundamental requirement for all the other objective as evaluation of the existing strategy, the framing of the new strategy, and implementation plan is dependent upon the ongoing marketing environment in the industry. The environment scanning also helps to understand the various opportunities which are available in the market and insights about the threats which the business has to be aware of before entering the market. Today’s world has become competitive and there is a large number of competitors available in the market. Understanding consumer preference and their attitude have become at most to the businesses before expanding or even starting the business. Environment scanning for marketing analysis will help to understand the competitive market and the preferences of the consumers in a better manner. For this purpose, PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, and five forces model analysis will be done.

PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL is an acronym that is used for political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors that are responsible for a great deal of the external marketing environment. This analysis will help Afro impressions to understand the various factors which can have an impact on the training academy and accordingly, decisions can behave taken for the same.



Political factors (P)


Political factors include the government rules and regulations, ideologies of the political parties, taxation rules, foreign trade policy rules, trade restrictions, etc. Afro Impressions is located in Camberley which is a town in England and it is approximately 30 miles from central London. This salon has to consider the political environment of this town for the expansion of the Salon business to the hairdressing training academy. This town is expanding and the rules and regulations by the government for opening up the training academies for beauty and hairdressing are not strict. Also, NHBF supports the businesses in this field.
Economic factors (E)


Economic factors talk about the monetary aspect of the business and it considered a number of factors such as economic growth, interest rates, inflation, disposable income of the consumer, and many more. Understanding the interest rate is important because the expansion of the business requires additional funds and if the interest rate will be less, it will be beneficial for the business(Alanzi, 2018). Also, the disposable income of the consumers is an important aspect to consider while setting up prices because if the disposable income of the consumers is not much, consumers will not be able to spend much on beauty and hairdressing services. The Research and Analysis show that the town is growing and people have started taking more and more interest in the beauty and hairdressing services.
Social factors (S) These are also known as social-cultural factors and in this part of PESTEL analysis, study about the attitudes, beliefs and cultural background of the customers. These are the target market for the business and it is important for business to know them and their preferences. Afro impressions have to understand the preferences of the consumers of England in terms of hair care and beauty. Also, it is important to know how many people are willing to learn the hairdressing courses. People have started understanding that the beauty and hair care market is growing because of increasing consciousness among the consumers about their looks. People like to look attractive and they are indulged in hair care routines and doing experiments with their hair. The market for the hair care is growing and the preferences of consumers is also increasing. This is the reason people want to make their career as hairdresser and this profession is respected by everyone now(Fosher, 2018).
Technological factors (T)


Technological factors talk about the disruptions and innovations in producing and delivering of goods and services to the consumers. The ways of communication by the businesses to the consumers are changing because of the technological disruptions. People are making use of online platform to sell their services and attract the consumers. One of the emerging innovations which is in factor of the Afro impressions is to provide anywhere-anytime services through the virtual platform. Though, the practicalis not possible but the basic classes can beprovided to anyone belonging to anywhere which will add more revenues in the business. Also, the ways of communication have changed and the Afro salon has to consider all of these changes while modifying the marketing strategies.
Environmental factors (E)


These are the factors which are concerned with the environment. The audience is getting more and more aware about the environment and natural resources and is getting associated with those businesses which are making use of environment friendly or green practices. The salon has to consider this and should make the setup of the academy in such a way where none of the resources are mis utilized such as electricity or power. It should also use green products and organic cosmetics, hair care products and tools whichhas to be used by the professionals while teaching the students about hairdressing(Morgan et al., 2018). Also, by making use of virtual platform, it can help in saving the resources and can also spread knowledge to a large number of masses. Instead of making use of paper for delivering knowledge or information, electronic books can be used.
Legal factors (L) Legal factors are related to the laws and practices of the country in which business is operating. The afro impressions have to consider the legal rules of the England and complete all the requirements related to the licensing and documentation for starting the academy. The rules related to the minimum salary to be paid to the employees and timing of work has also to be followed. Currently, the government of England is very strict regarding the beauty, hairdressing salon and academies because of the ongoing pandemic and strict rules related to the sanitization and health care are there which Afro impressions has to consider before opening the academy. Legal rules keep on changing and the management has to stay updated regarding the same(Lin et al., 2018).


Table 1: PESTEL Analysis


Analysis and conclusion: The analysis shows that it is an opportunity expand this business in Camberley as the competition it is comparatively less in comparison to the main cities of England. This is a growing town and the hairdressing Academy will help the people to gain the competency or skill which will further help them to make money.  The people in England like to self-employed in this business after taking coaching from the Academies which will act as an opportunity. Therefore, the economic environment is also favorable as the Academy will help the people to grow and add on more and more skills. Socio-cultural factors, technology and environment factors of industry are also in favor of the business. Some threats which have to consider is the awareness of the ongoing legal environment and frequent updating in rules and laws(Tran, 2019).


Five forces model

Porter’s five forces model is very helpful to analyze the competitive environment and it helps the business to identify the ongoing threat related to the suppliers, substitutes, new entrants, existing competition and buyers. This model talks about the five forces which the business has to be aware of.

Forces Description Degree
Power of suppliers The haircare market and the beauty market are huge and there a large number of suppliers in this market. The supplier’s power is moderate in cosmetics and beauty products because the salons have the option to select from a large number of suppliers. In case of training academies in this market, the business has to get affiliation from different certified institutes and the business enjoys freedom in this case. However, the academy has to follow the rules and regulations of these institutes and some control is exercised by the suppliers of accredited courses to the academy. Therefore, moderate power is there(Lee et al., 2018). Moderate
Power of buyers The bargaining power of the buyers in the case of beauty and hairdressing salons is high because these salons make their earnings from these buyers and also there is great competition in the market and every competitor is trying to woo the customers by offering a number of Deals And offers. It is a service-oriented business and two quality of service and the price of service matters a lot. People have choices to choose between a number of hairdressing training institutes in England because this industry is growing. Afro salon has to focus on providing the best service and also communicating it in the best manner to the prospective consumer in order to attract them(Lee et al., 2018). High
Threat of substitutes Substitute means similar products or different products, providing similar satisfaction levels and similar features. The threat of substitute is present in this industry because there are a number of academic institutes all the training academies which are providing hairdressing courses in different ranges. There are specialized courses for the hair spa, massage technique, hair styling and setting, keratin treatment, hair treatment, and many more. Almost every well-established beauty salon is expanding its business to the training institute in order to add more revenues and to expand the business. Therefore, the risk or the threat of substitutes is ranging from moderate to high in this industry. Moderate to high
Threat of new entrants The threat of the new entrants in this market is also there because this market is growing and almost every hairdressing beauty salon is adding training workshops and training courses. There are no strict rules and regulations related to the entry and exit in this market because it is service-oriented and also, it is a type of monopolistic competition. However, for a newly opened Salon or a small-scale salon, it is difficult to expand towards the domain of training because training requires a lot of expertise and reputation in the market. People like to join those institutes for learning the skills and competencies which are already doing well in the market and which are associated with the brand name. The good news for Afro salon is that it is working for the past 5 years and also doing well. People know about this brand and therefore, it will be an added advantage for this Salon to expand in the training academy(Lee et al., 2018). Moderate
Competitive rivalry The competitive rivalry is present in this market because every now and then more and more offers launched by the salon and Academies to woo the customers and students. Small scale salons and Academies do not indulge in the competition much as they take advantage of the niche market but for the famous and large-scale salons and Academies, competitive rivalry is there and existing players compete with each other in terms of better offers, discounts, prices quality. They make use of extensive marketing campaigns to make the consumer aware of the services offered by them and to create a positive image about their brand among society. Afro impressions have to keep in mind this rivalry force while expanding its business in the field of training academy because it has to compete with existing academies and for this, a prudent marketing strategy is required(Lee et al., 2018). High

Table 2: Five forces model


Analysis and conclusion:The analysis shows huge opportunities and threat for the company is opening up the hairdressing training academy. The competition is intense in this market as already, many big existing firms are successfully running the training academies. New entrants keep on entering the field because the industry is growing and in the past 5 years, growth rate is 45% in this industry. However, the business is already in existence for more than 5 years which is an opportunity ty as the industry analysis shows that the business has a high rate of success. Also, the business is making 100000 euros which is a positive factor because most of the companies make 99000 euros which means the company is already well established.


SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis of only helps to understand the external environment but also helps the business to assess the internal strengths and weaknesses. In order to understand the various strengths and weaknesses of the business, the previous records related to the sales, marketing strategies, offers and deals, communication strategies were reviewed. The opportunities and threats were analyzed through market research.

The business is having strength in its experience because it is already working in the industry for the past five years and it is already aware of the ongoing competition. Another strength of the business lies in its customer base. The businesses having a database of 1500 customers and it makes use of several communication tactics such as face to face communication, site, email, texting, communicating through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It is making use of modern communication technology. The weakness of the business lies in its Limited staff capacity because expansion needs more professionals who can train the students. It also has limited funds and it needs to prepare a strategy to arrange the funds. The business is facing threats from the new entrants in the market and the existing competitors. It is also facing the threat of substitutes. This market is highly competitive and changing because of which the business has to review the strategies frequently in order to adjust according to the ongoing market. In spite of all these threats, there are many opportunities available for the business to grow. The social-cultural environment is in favor of the business and also the demand of the consumers in this market is increasing. The business also has the opportunity to earn more and perform better by expanding to this field as market share will increase. People want to make their career in the beauty and hairdressing field.

In order to understand strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, SWOT matrix is used.


·       Experience in the market

·       Existing customer base

·       Trending communication strategies

·       More revenue than the industry average


·       Limited staff capacity

·       Limited funds to expand

·       Lack of professions to train students(Amberg & Magda, 2018).


·       Threats of substitutes

·       Threat of existing training academies

·       Threat of new entrants


·       Growing market and customer demand

·       Favorable socio-cultural and economic factors

·       Opportunity to increase the profits and improve performance through the training academy

·       Increasing market share and customer base

·       Consumers becoming style-conscious (Gurel, 2017).

Table 3: SWOT analysis


Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy for the company is based on the recent trends and accordingly ideas which can help the business to grow are adopted.

STP Analysis

STP analysis helps to understand the segmentation, targeting and positioning aspect of the strategy.


It means to divide the market or the consumer base in various segments. The business should target mainly 4 categories of the people in order to make the expansion strategy successful.

  1. Age group: Consumers from the age group of 16 to 34 should be targeted for this business because industry overview shows that most of the people falling in this age category are working in hairdressing and barbering industry.
  2. Interest in self-employment: The consumers who are interested to start some business in hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry should be targeted for this.
  • Professional services at reasonable price: The people who are looking for getting trained from the authentic and competent professions without overspending money should be targeted because the town in which the academy has to be opened is growing and people do not want to overspend money.
  1. People wants to be employed: The people who wants to start their career in this industry and want to get employment in some hair salon or business should be targeted. These are the people who lacks investment and cannot start their business in the beginning but want to get some experience as an employer and earn money so that future plans can be prepared.

The factors such as social-cultural, psychographic, behavioral aspects, geographic aspects will also be considered. For the psychographic aspects, the business can focus on the feelings and emotions of the people regarding their career Independence and monetary independence. The brand Positioning should be done in such a manner that people feel they can become an entrepreneur or start joining if Salon business as an employee after getting trained from the hairdressing training academy of Afro impressions(Goyat, 2011). For the Geographic aspects, it should consider people from the Camberley town and the people belonging to nearby cities of the London because almost every City have hairdressing training academies and it is difficult for the people to commute to other places and the preferred choosing an Academy which is nearby. It should also include a basic theoretical class for the hairdressing through the online medium, so that more audience can be targeted belonging to all over the United Kingdom instead of just focusing on nearby cities. Therefore, for the offline classes, people belonging to nearby cities and Camberley it should be considered and for the online courses more geographic location can be covered.


The target market for Afro impressions will be age the people from the age of 16 to 34 and all those who are willing to start their own business in the hairdressing and barbering industry. Those who lack initial funds for the business startup and who want to get employed in some company or salon in the hairdressing business will also be targeted. People from the town Camberley and nearby cities will be targeted initially. For the online basic class, anyone from the United Kingdom can apply for the training.



This brand will be positioned as a self-reliant brand which helps the young generation to plan their career in a better manner and to make them capable of being independent. Logos and taglines will be used to make the people believe this and both online and offline marketing tools will be used(Kampamba, 2015).


Current strategy and evaluation

The business is dealing in all types of hair textures and providing a wider range of hair care and hairdressing services. This business provides services related to the styling of hair, haircuts, blow-drying services, smoothing of hair in order to untangle the hair permanently, the coloring of hair for all textures, braiding of hair and all other types of hair services.

  • The business is making use of product differentiation strategy in order to target a wider range of customers who are looking for Quality Services for the hair under one roof. This brand is making use of professionals and their specialist who are well aware of the use of chemicals according to the different texture of hair.
  • Afro Impressions is dealing in this business from the past 5 years and it is making use of online media such as Facebook and Instagram for targeting customers. The business is making use of more Facebook platform than Instagram to target the audience. It has its own website where it is providing all the details about the services and also offering discounts from time to time.
  • The business is aware of the African population who resides in the town and the nearby cities because of which it is also offering braiding services because Australian people really like grading of their hair.
  • The business is focusing on customer satisfaction and it is creating a separate community on Facebook they are all the customers can interact and feel an important part of the salon.


Evaluation of strategies on the basis of 4 P’s of marketing:The Afro impressions is making use of 4 P’s of marketing in its strategies. These 4 P’s are price, product, promotions and place. The product price is based on the quality of service and is according to the market pricing. The company is not dealing in products but it is dealing in services. The online promotional strategies in the form of social media platforms and website are used. The place is in Camberley where the salon is situated and it is a place which is 30 miles away from the London. The salon is situated at the London road which is a positive point about the salon because it is a central location(Dang, 2014).



The analysis of the current strategy shows that Afro Impressions is using a differentiation strategy which is really suitable because many competitors are there in the market and people are ready to spend more on the hair care services if they are getting Quality Services. The business is also giving very much importance on the quality of the service and customer satisfaction as it is making use of hair specialists. However, staffing requirement needs to be considered again because the business is growing as it is heating 100000 euros turnover, which is more than the industry average and it is only using to full-time employees’ part-time employees there as the industry statistics show that salons on making use of 5 to 10 employees. The growing business needs also demand more permanent staff, which Afro Impressions need to consider.


New marketing strategy for overall growth

Afro Impressions should make some amendments in its marketing strategy as follows:

  • It should hire more full-time employees in order to Cater to the increasing needs of consumers. It can convert to part-time employees as full-time employees and can also consider providing part-time or full-time job opportunity to the apprentice. It can also make use of freelancing services in addition to these four employees whenever the demand is more and customer walk-in is more.
  • At present, the promotions and communication to the target audience are mostly done through Facebook. It should also consider other social media platforms create an impact among the consumers and to target more audience across the United Kingdom such as Instagram and Twitter. In addition to online media, it should also make use of hoardings and print media advertisement through newspapers and magazines to convey the people about afro Impressions and its specialist services. Radio is also a helpful and cheapest source of promotion which should be considered to target more audience.
  • The Influencer marketing technique should be used to target the niche segment and to make them join the academy. All the people who are looking for the employment opportunities by increasing their competence level should be pitched through the influencers and it will be a cost-effective method of marketing than the other modes of marketing.
  • An online campaign should be created where the audience should be conveyed about the intention of Afro Impressions to come up with a hairdressing training academy in order to understand how many people find this idea interesting and know about their expectations from the business as a training academy. This will help to gain more insights and accordingly some alterations in the idea can be done.
  • The business should dedicatedly follow the differentiation strategy in the salon and should not go for discounts because discounts giving is more suitable if the business is following a cost leadership strategy. Rather, it should distinguish itself as a premium segment providing all kinds of services and ensuring premium quality(Palade, 2011).
  • For the purpose of Academy, it should charge a reasonable price so that it can position itself as a brand which is there to help more and more people to establish their career as a hairdresser that too 2 at a reasonable price. The audience should be communicated through the website and different social media platforms about the professionals who will be providing the training service.
  • The world is changing and the requirements are changing due to the outbreak. It has to make changes in the strategies related to the health and safety of its workers and consumers by using proper sanitization facilities and cleanliness.
  • It should make use of the Ansoff matrix to develop a growth strategy for the overall growth of the business. Under the Ansoff matrix, there are four categories of growth strategies, namely, market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. It is advisable for the Afro Impressions to choose market penetration as the growth strategy because this will help the business to increase its market share by focusing on existing products and services. Instead of providing and arranging training workshops for the people within the salon, a separate Department should be prepared.This will help to increase more revenues and sales of the business by adding one more department in the business. The revenues from the consumers who are taking their services and from the students enrolling for addressing training courses will help to increase the turnover of the business(Hussain et al., 2013).

Figure 1: Ansoff Matrix

Implementation and costing of strategy

The plan implementation should be done only after performing a survey and knowing about the view and opinions of the consumers so that if any particular expectations consumers have from the academy, those features can be considered and added. In my opinion and as per the market survey, Afro impressions should set up a department within the salon, which should parted with walls and where the students should be given classes in different batches. These students while providing the training can be asked to help the other specialists which will reduce their work burden and will also increase the efficiency. This plan will also save the cost of having a separate place for the academy and also supervision will be much easier. Once the academy business grows, new place can be used to cater the needs of growing demand for students. In the beginning, investing heavily on the academy is not recommended as already competition is adverse and there can be moreincrease in the cost than the revenues which will not be favorable. Costing factors have to be considered. With regard to the staffing requirements, new staff members are needed which will teach the students and these professionals can also guide the existing staff with the latest technology and trends. The academic staff should not be used in serving the consumers and should be kept separate, and should only be asked to deal with the academic-related work. Two faculty members and one staff who will manage the administration related work should be hired in the beginning. The full time and part-time staff members in the salon should be asked to help in the marketing of the academy.

The main expense on the marketing is on conducting the market survey, collecting the opinions of the consumers, making use of marketing penetration growth strategy, optimizing SEO, marketing through influencers, marketing campaigns within the salon and nearby areas by the staff members,

Marketing activities Cost estimates (In euros)
Website modifications in existing website 50
Search engine optimization 50
Marketing survey 100
Influencer marketing 80
Social media marketing (Handled by inhouse staff) 20
Hoarding and other print media marketing 100
Radio marketing 50
Miscellaneous 50
Total 500

Table 4: Cost estimation for marketing communication


Marketing activities 1st month (January 2021) 2nd month

(February 2021)

3rd Month (March,2021) 4th Month (April,2021)
Website modifications in existing website
Search engine optimization
Marketing survey
Influencer marketing
Social media marketing (Handled by inhouse staff)
Hoarding and other print media marketing
Radio marketing

Table 5: Timeline chart for the marketing activities

The above two tables are about the marketing communication activities and the cost estimates for these activities and another table is about the timeline which is required to complete these activities. As this consultancy report is about the marketing strategy which Afro Impressions can use to expand its business to the hairdressing training academy, the very first need is to conduct a market survey.  This will not cost much because the staff members of the salon and also the professionals who will be hired as faculty will be asked to perform this task. This will also help the faculty to get used to with the procedures and they will be taking part in the development of academy from scratch. Overall, the marketing budget is set at 500 Euros only and this money can be arranged from the profits of the salon. Loans are not required. The marketing budget mainly constitute of social media marketing, website modifications, influencer marketing, print media marketing, SEO. Market survey requires 1 month and after it is done, the other activities can be done simultaneously and the academy can also be started at the same time.



Recommendations are also there for getting the best out of the marketing plan:

  • Promotional mix strategies should be used. Instead of choosing one communication media, integrated communication mix should be used to convey the audience that the salon is going to start with the training academy. This will help to target more prospective students because everyone makes use of different social media platforms.
  • Not too much should be spending initially on the marketing and other activities because nothing can be said with complete surety about the success of the plan because already several competitors are there in the market. However, the success rate is high because the salon already is working from 5 years and have a good name. A low to moderate budget should be kept for the marketing because other expenses will also be included such as salaries to be paid to the faculty and marketing staff, academic expenses, etc.
  • Marketing has to be done on continuous basis. Once the academy gets good reach and start performing well, marketing budget can be increased. Search engine optimization is important so that whenever someone search about best hairdressing training academies in England or Camberley, Afro impressions name can be highlighted on the top.
  • Current base of consumers can also be used and email marketing and text marketing should also be combined with the above-mentioned marketing strategies. This will help to spread the message faster about the training academy among the loyal consumers and word of mouth marketing will be done(Podile & Chinmayi, 2009).


This report is a consultancy report about the opening of a new training academy by the Afro impressions and is based on the market analysis and environment scanning. Detailed analysis of the current marketing strategies on the basis of price, place, promotion and product is done for the salon and accordingly new strategy is recommended where important highlights are related to the choosing an integrated communication mix by mixing a number of online and offline marketing strategies to communicate the audience about the new business. Influencer marketing is very helpful and is cost-effective in comparison to the celebrity endorsements and also helps to reach more consumers. The global pandemic has created many challenges and adding an online class for the basic knowledge will act as an icing on the top. For the practical, the students have to visit the academy, but the basics which are theory-based can be covered in the online class. Without performing market survey, nothing should be done and once the survey is done, the expectations of the consumers will be clearer and accordingly changes in the websites and communication content on the social media platforms should be used. The project is feasible and Afro impressions must go for this project but instead of making a full-fledge investment in the beginning, it should start with small steps and should do marketing with limited budget. To sum up, the geographic location of the salon, experience in the market and the market image of the salon is favorable to take up this project idea and the budget for the marketing should be kept limited in the beginning because it is an ongoing activity and once the project becomes successful more budget can be allocated.


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