Major problems faced by students in Top USA universities and colleges

Major problems faced by students in Top USA universities and colleges

15 Jun Major problems faced by students in Top USA universities and colleges

The students of colleges and Universities often have amazing memories and happy experiences of their student life but it does not mean that their college or university life is free from challenges or problems. In the USA, there are a number of colleges and universities offering a wide range of degree courses. The students enjoy their studies and the environment around but at the same time, they face some issues and problems. It is important that students be aware about the problems on college campus. The college student problems can only be resolved by them if they become aware about these issues. The college students’ problems and solutions will be discussed in this article.

  • Time management: It is one of the major issues that college and university students face in their academic journey. The curriculum is too huge that needs to be covered within a time period of two years or three years depending upon the degree course. There are a number of exams, tests, assignments that has to be covered by the students in addition to attending the lecture. It becomes difficult for them to manage their time and they feel stressful regarding their grades. It is recommended to make a schedule and divide the time between the subjects according to their difficulty level.
  • Arrangement of finances: The tuition or college fees is increasing day by day that students often can’t afford to take admissions in top USA colleges. International students often have to do part-time work to manage the burden of their fees. This increases time management issues more and students feel burdened with this. The students can take help from Financial Institutions or banks in the form of education loan to support their dream of studying at top educational institutions.

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  • Homesickness: This is the problem that is mainly faced by international students who have come to the United States from their country for completing their post-graduation or under graduation course. Sometimes the locals also face homesickness as they have to stay in hostels because of more distance in their college and house. This impacts the overall productivity of the students in a negative manner. It is advisable for the students to keep in touch with friends and family through video calling and mobile phone in order to reduce the homesickness. Also, students can make new friends on campus and enjoy their farm to reduce their homesickness.
  • Depression: It is one of the growing problems among the students of colleges and Universities that is being witnessed in the present time. The students sometimes become so stressful due to the difficulties faced by them in managing the time, balancing the part-time work and studies, grades and other problems that they get depressed. They become unable to manage their emotions and feelings that directly impact their health and life. Students should take the help of counsellors for drawing the counselling program of the college to manage their stress and stop themselves to become depressed. Students should also indulge in some sort of physical activity workout to manage stress levels and health.
  • Health issues: Students health get deteriorated while studying in colleges and universities. They have to spend plenty of their time on laptops to complete assignments, conduct research and to study that impacts their eyesight. Sometimes, students do not take care of food and nutrition that also impact their health. The students should take care of themselves and sleep on time, eat balancedmeals and workout to keep up with good health.
  • Social problems and partying: Students often find a tough time making new friends on whom they can rely in the new college or university. Even after making friends, students start wasting their time on partying and bunking the class that directly impacts their career and grades. Students should learn to balance fun and studies.
  • Choosing the major: The major subject has to be selected in some of the courses and students face difficulties in making a choice. The decision is important for the future of students. One must follow their interest while choosing the major and should do some prior research to know about all the available options.

To conclude, the problems are just part of students’ life but the experiences of the college are much more important. With proper care and schedule, these problems can be easily managed by students.

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