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Best Math Apps for College Students 2019- Assignment Help Australia

01 Mar Best Math Apps for College Students 2019- Assignment Help Australia

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Mathematics or commonly referred to as maths is the subject known to be the hardest or the difficult subject while study period. For some, it is the dream of doing maths in an easy manner. But now as the world is going digital there are certain learning apps that help the students to learn maths easily an in the fastest way possible. Nowadays gadgets play an important role in everyday life and what if it helps the students also for studying. This may
help the students to increase their potential by learning digitally.

There are certain apps for studying a particular subject. Now you can study the subject of your choice as the whole app is available. Some of the applications for studying maths are:

1. PHOTO MATH- this application is designed to solve your every problem. This app lets you click the picture of your maths problem and gives a detailed solution to your problem. This application is available for Android as well as for iOS system. From easy to your hardest problem this application finds all the solution to your problem whether it is an equation or a trigonometric problem.

2. KHAN ACADEMY- this application provide certain learning videos and tutorials to study. Through a study, it is detected that we can learn more by watching it on our phones or pc. Salman Khan is the founder of this academy.

3. GEOMETRY PADS- this application is mostly loved by the teachers. The application is the tranquil way to learn geometric topics more efficiently. This app lets them understand every manner of geometric shapes and hence helps them to create complex geometric figures.

4. BRAINSCAPE FLASHCARDS- this application is one of the applications that teachers swear by of being the best app available. This application takes information from the students and makes a detailed plan for learning.

There are certain games available that lets the students of all the age group for learning maths in a fun way. Applications are available for all the ages of students like:

The sushi monster- this game is available for elementary school students which helps the kids to understand basic problems of addition and multiplication.
Geometry pad- this game is available for middle school students. This game helps the students to understand basic geometric shapes and their properties.
Math with your friends- this game is available for high school students in which one help to solve equations containing addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

5. COUSERA- this app provides the study material and sample questions and also offers online courses as this app has connections with different universities.
6. TODOIST- this app lets you track our assignments of the courses and can bookmark your study. This is available for iOS and Android and also on pcs. It also has unlimited tasks, projects, and other features.

7. EVERNOTE- this app is loved by the teachers as this app provide you to take notes.this is the best app available throughout to take has a feature that includes work chats. Through this one can send text chat to other Evernote users.
8. MATHS FORMULAS FREE- this app helps the one to get all the formulas one need. Through this app, it is easy to find all the formulas in one place.
9. COMPLETE MATHEMATICS- complete mathematics apps cover complete maths basic and complex versions to learn maths easily. It contains sample papers, different tutorials, and many more things.

Studying a subject depends on the way one learns the subjects and all the above apps let you learn the subject in the best and the easiest way possible. You can start loving the subject you find the most difficult one.

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