National Board Certification for The Teachers and Why It's Important

05 Mar National Board Certification for The Teachers and Why It’s Important

National board certification is a process which contains four parts including the content knowledge test, differentiation in instruction portfolio entry, teaching practice to effective practitioner entry.  This is just for the teachers to strengthen their skills and overall development of the teachers. The certification can also provide you the automatic increase in your salary and also your prom, the option can be also helps to increase your morale and also increase one’s respect.

The national board certification is founded in 1987 to increase the excellence of the teachers. It sets the standards of the national board for professional teaching which leads the teachers to increase their proficiency. It has its headquarters in the country of Virginia. It is founded by the former governor of northern Virginia. Over 90000 teachers have been going through this certification.  The main aim of this certification is providing the quality education to the students.

The four-step process is explained as:

  • CONTENT KNOWLEDGE TEST– This is the first step in the board certification. This step includes the online test of the participant. This area asks you to provide your knowledge and content area of teaching.
  • DIFFERENTIATION IN INSTRUCTION PORTFOLIO ENTRY– The next step is the differentiation in instruction portfolio entry which evaluates the person’s performance while giving an instruction or the different ways of instruction a person provide while teaching a particular topic.
  • TEACHING PRACTICE AND LEARNING ENVIRONMENT PORTFOLIO ENTRY- This third step of the process includes the planning and also the teaching practices viewed by the video recordings. It means being the overall view of your teachings and the proofs of the video recordings and materials.
  • EFFECTIVE AND REFLECTION PRACTITIONER PORTFOLIO ENTRY– This process lets you evaluate your skills and practices for the development of your students. In this process, you have to collect data about a group of students and the effective impact of your study of the students and also gives the proofs of your connections with the family and the communities.

The advantages of having national board certifications

  • For teachers– This certificate improves the efficiency and practices of the teachers and also increase their chances of promotion, salary, and respect. This allows to increase their potential and also to show their talents at different phases.
  • For students– By this certification, teachers can teach more effectively and hence have a positive impact on the students.

For some teachers, it is a gift given to themselves as well as to their students. Thus, it is the overall discussions enough to go through whether we have to go through national board certification or not.

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