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[Essay] Polarization in American politics

06 Apr [Essay] Polarization in American politics

The 21st century of American politics is an era of political polarization not only among the officials that are elected by the citizens but also among the general public. The ideological difference between the Republicans and the Democrats has become wider than ever before and a considerable degree of polarization among the beliefs and lifestyles of the people is indicated in their political and personal choices. The people vehemently support the conservative or the liberal opinion and our vocal about their bias.

The research carried out by the Pew Research Center has provided the required evidence that indicates that the Republicans have become more conservative and the Democrats are more liberal now than they were a few years ago. Of all the people who are highly engaged in the political happenings around them, about 70% of the people claimed that they constantly support and find themselves following the ideological bend of the political party that the support and are willing to take the position consistently. A growth in the ideological polarization was also observed and especially so among the politically engaged Americans who were ready to participate in every event and stage related to the political process and want to make their voices heard.

The people having a moderate stance related to the political beliefs has also reduced and more and more people are now willing to take either liberal or a conservative position with a few of them still having mixed ideologies that are dependent on specific issues that are being discussed. Polarization is not just limited to the political beliefs and the differences between the right and left followers to go beyond the elections and its results. The conservatives generally seek areas to reside which have houses that are further apart from each other while most of the liberals prefer houses that may be smaller in size but are closer to the amenities required on a day to day basis. The liberals are also more open about the ethnic and racial diversity in their residential areas while most of the conservatives wish to live in a community where all the people are of a common religious faith. This is a clear indication of polarization across America and it is leading to the ideological differences and resulting in the development of negative views of the people against the opposite parties.

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