Quantitative Research Topics Which Can Be Used by the School Students

Quantitative research topics for high school students

06 Dec Quantitative research topics for high school students

Research is an important part of the coursework of the school students and it helps the students to understand the things in a practical manner. Even for getting admission in college after the school, research work is an important criterion on the basis of which admissions are given to the students. Generally, students have to make a choice between qualitative and quantitative research. Exploration of ideas is done under the qualitative research and nonnumerical data is involved. Quantitative research is based on the data and number. Students often find difficulties in selecting an appropriate topic for the research. This article will discuss about some of the quantitative research topics which can be used by the school students for conducting the research successfully.

Procedure involved in quantitative research

A systematic investigation sis required about the given issue or problem by the research for the quantitative research. Routine events can be analyzed by the students as part of the quantitative research. The quantitative research is based on the following steps:

  • Topic selection: Topic selection is the first requirement and it is the most crucial step. The student should select the topic which is interesting for the student and also for which numerical data can be collected and arranged.
  • Framing of research questions: These are the main objectives of the research and student first have to identify the research problem while framing these questions. Students can also brainstorm about the various problems and issues in different fields of the study and events. Based on these problems, research topic can be framed. Research questions guide the researcher throughout the research.
  • Research methodology: Research methodology have to be selected by the student. A research can be based on the experimental design, exploratory design, descriptive design and others designs. This step provides more clarity to the researcher and is based on the objectives of the research.
  • Data collection: Once the methodology is decided, next important step is collection of data. Data can be collected using secondary data and primary data. Primary data is the data collected by the researcher using questionnaires, interviews and it is the original data. Secondary data is already available to the researchers through articles and journals on the similar or related topic.
  • Data analysis and findings: Data collection is analyzed by researcher for finding the meaningful relations and answering the research questions

A researcher has to make use of ethical practices while collecting data from respondents and while working on the research.

Quantitative research titles examples for student

As the success of any quantitative research depends on the quality of the topic selected, it is important that students give proper importance to the first step of the quantitative researcher. Following are some quantitative research titles examples for students which can be considered by them before conducting quantitative research:

  1. List some nonexperimental research methodologies related to psychology.
  2. Amongst men or women, who is more responsive to beer ads?
  3. Is using metaphors and similes helpful to the author?
  4. How Push-ups and human health is related?
  5. Is using the imagery in the novel beneficial?
  6. Can putting certain chemicals in frog pond increase the bodyweight of frog?
  7. Is there any significance of ethics in psychological research?
  8. How children’s nutrition and their cognitive development is related?
  9. What are possible reasons for the psychological disorders?
  10. How mobile phones are contributing in the psychological disorders?
  11. Is urbanization and economic growth is related?
  12. Discuss the significance of SEO (Search engine optimization).
  13. How educational achievement and economic status is interrelated?
  14. What are the factors responsible for animal behavior?
  15. The reasons for the disruptive behavior in children.
  16. What is the role of parents in controlling the disruptive behavior in children?
  17. Is trend, perceptions and belief same?
  18. How do you see an attention deficit syndrome? A myth or a reality
  19. Role of computer technology towards airport security
  20. Is there need of parental involvement for the academic achievement of students?
  21. How video game playing effect academic performance.
  22. How cyberbullying in high schools can be controlled?
  1. The effect of mobile phone usage on student learning and development.
  2. What is the relationship of mobile phones and fitness?
  3. How much would you be willing to pay for a men’s lifestyle magazine?
  4. What is the significance of self-defending networks?
  5. Does people like to go outside their home country for the enjoyment of holiday?
  6. The effect of artificial intelligence on the planet in the near future.
  7. Difference between daily calorie intake between men and women.
  1. What are the various factors causing obesity in children?

These are some of the ideas for successfully complete the quantitative research. If still, you are facing any kind of issues in topic selection or in conducting the research work, feel free contact AWH team experts at any time.

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