The best experimental research topics for school or college student

The best experimental research topics for school or college student

20 May The best experimental research topics for school or college student

Experimental research is a scientific research methodology and it make use of two sets of variables. The one set is independent and its impact on the other dependent variable is studied under the experimental research. Enough data is required to support the decisions under the experimental research as it studies the cause and effect relationships between the variables. School and college students have to indulge in the research work as part of their course and they often find difficulty in the experimental research designs. There are different experimental research designs available such as Pre-experimental research design, true experimental research design and Quasi-experimental research assignment design.

Experimental research title examples

Conducting experimental research is a tedious task and selection of the topic is the basis of any research. There is a need to spend time on reviewing of the literature in order to find out the research limitations and gaps. Based on this experimental research topics have to selected by the school or college students. This is very time-consuming task and efforts are required for the same. This make students to lose their interest and at times, they make a wrong selection of the topic which negatively impacts the grades of students. Experimental research title examples are provided through this article and these topics can be used by high school students and college students appearing for graduation or post-graduation degree.

Following are the experimental research titles for high school and college homework students:

Experimental research topics on environment science – Assignment Work Help

  • How the excess of free radicals can be removed from the atmosphere for healthy and clean environment?
  • How the level of carbon dioxide on earth are impacted with the implementation of electronic products which do not release greenhouse gases?
  • Why sustainable business practices are required for reducing the greenhouse gases in the environment?
  • What is the role of nitrate and sulfur in reducing the shine from the white monuments because of acid rain?
  • Discuss the major outcomings of burning polythene openly in the environment.
  • How the burning of polythene in the environment openly is hazardous?

What are the methods to reduce the risk for the environment caused by the emission of carbon in the industrial area?

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Experimental research topics on science

  • Why there is need to have a good substitute for nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur-based fertilizers to improve the food quality?
  • Consequences of Freon gas and chlorofluorocarbon carbon in the environment apart from the damage caused to the ozone layer in the stratosphere.
  • What could be done to stop the white rust of Albugo Candida on spinach leaves?
  • How fungus is the biggest enemy of any type of plant and even its danger for humans?
  • Why lichens are capable of converting a rock or barren land into the fertile one.
  • How single-cell organisms are capable to become the intermediary host for many diseases causing bacteria?
  • What caused the death of useful bacteria in curd with just a snap of salt is sprinkled over them?
  • How hookworm and such other worms are very dangerous for the digestive tract of a person?
  • What is the contribution bio-chemistry in healthcare field?
  • Why ammonia gas fumes areregarded as a good treatment for the person suffering from cold or flu?
  • Reasons why sodium metal catches fire when coming into the contact of air.
  • What is coronavirus and how it is formed?
  • What is the practical phase of plant tissue culture? Is it successful on the real ground as well or just in theory?
  • What are the challenges of recombinant DNA technology while shuttling the DNA fragment in the body of the host?
  • How hybrid seeds are focused on one-time yield and how it can be protected?
  • What are the major drawbacks of Biotechnology in the field of pharmaceutical industry?

Experimental research topics on stem students

Following are the fields from which experimental research topics for stem students can be framed:

  • Magnifying lens Discovery.
  • Centripetal Force & Centrifugal Force.
  • Electromagnetics
  • Nuclear Fusion & Fission.
  • Optical Fiber.
  • Electricity.

Experimental research topics on health and fitness

  • How drugs consumption is impacting the emotional health of adults?
  • How long it takes to push a person in depression who is continuously taking drugs?
  • How anxiety and depression is different?
  • What kind of drugs should be highly avoided to avoid depression?
  • Factors responsible for the obesity in adults?
  • How right nutrition and exercise can help in controlling obesity issues in children and young adults?


Experimental research topics on management and business

  • How influencers are helping the businesses to promote their products on social media platform?
  • What is the role of benefit planning of employees in an organization?
  • How social media marketing is impacting the brand awareness among consumers?
  • Discuss the dependency of business decisions on the external environment analysis
  • What are the different sources of flat taxes and how they impact an economy?

To conclude, the list on the experimental research topics is huge and students often get confuse in selecting the appropriate topics. It is recommended that students should select a topic which make more sense to them and which they find interesting because it will help them to put their best of efforts in successfully conducting the research.

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