Top 20 nursing research topics

Top 20 nursing research topics

22 Oct Top 20 nursing research topics

Conducting research as part of an educational degree course is compulsory nowadays for graduates and postgraduates. Nursing is one of those fields of studies in which research is an inseparable part, and to successfully complete the nursing degree, conducting relevant research is compulsory. Students who are studying nursing often find it difficult to select a nursing research topic as the field is vast and technological Innovations in the field of medicine and health keep on taking place. The new innovations have to be considered by the students while conducting the research, and the outdated technology that is no more in use in the health sector should not be considered by the students for conducting research. Nursing research paper topics have to be selected by the student After conducting thorough research of the Healthcare sector and ongoing technology. This blog is all about research topics for nursing students, and took 20 nursing research topics will be mentioned in this blog.

Choosing nursing research topics

Before we discuss the top 20 nursing research topics, we would like to highlight some of the most helpful tips and tricks while choosing the researchable topic in nursing.

Preliminary research and brainstorm: It is important that you perform some preliminary research and brainstorm in length to come up with the most relevant nursing research topic. You should engage yourself in absorbing the immediate environment related to the ongoing health issues and problems. You should also read about the health and wellness sector of your country and in general. All this will help you to get some ideas about the latest trends in the health sector, and you will be able to choose the perfect topic which is relevant in the present scenario.

Do a feasibility check: Just selecting a topic that seems interesting is Not Enough for performing valuable research in nursing. You have to select a topic that is feasible and for which you can collect primary and secondary data for the same. Selecting a topic that is not doable and practical is of no use.

Find out research questions: You must come up with the research questions that you want to answer through the selected topic, and you have to figure out these result questions right in the beginning. Selection of the topic and the research questions go hand in hand as research questions represent the problems and the issues that you want to resolve through your research.

Discuss with your mentor: If possible, discuss the topic selected by you with your mentor so that you get to know about the relevance of the topic and also the feasibility Factor. This will also add more inside about the selected topic, and you will be able to conduct relevant research.

Research topics for nursing students

Now that you are available out the tips and tricks that are helpful in selecting a topic of research related to the nursing subject, you should also be aware of some of the relevant topics further research in the field of nursing at the present times. The top 20 nursing research topics that you can consider for your research are as follows:


Childhood related nursing research topics

  1. A study on antibiotics resistance in children.
  2. The main reasons for obesity in children.
  3. Causes and prevention of malnutrition in children
  4. Causes and treatment of seizures in children


Research topics for nursing students related to mental health

  1. How effective are the methods used to help intimate partner violence victims?
  2. What are the various benefits and disadvantages of using antipsychotics when preventing delirium?
  3. The role of exercise and drugs in improving the mental capacity of a mentally weak person.

Nursing research topics on women issues

  1. What are the main factors contributing to the current high infertility rates in women?
  2. How effective are preventive health programs against sexually transmitted diseases in women?
  3. What are the proven strategies at the present time that helps to increase the chances of conception in women?
  4. What are the various emotional symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome, and how to prevent these?

Research topics related to issues in the nursing field

  1. Research on the various challenges that have to be faced by a certified nurse and how to overcome these challenges?
  2. What is the importance of ethics in the nursing profession?
  3. What are the various factors that are responsible for impacting the emotional health of nurses, and how to overcome this problem?

Other famous research topics for nursing students

  1. Is there any benefit for treating distress and information overload medical?
  2. Comparing the profession of nursing all over the globe
  3. How effective is cognitive hypnotherapy application in pain management?
  4. What improvements can you recommend for the primary health care services today?
  5. What are the best methods for enhancing staff relations in healthcare facilities?
  6. What are the primary roles of nurses working in schools?

These are the topics related to nursing that are relevant at most at any point in time. You should also consider the topics related to covid-19 and the health sector as this is an ongoing issue at the present time, and selecting research topics on the same will add much value in the health sector. In the end, we would like to advise you to keep an eye on the latest issues related to the health sector and nursing field in order to make a selection of the right nursing research topic.

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