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Top 5 Study Hacks for the Night Before a test

26 Jun Top 5 Study Hacks for the Night Before a test

The night before exams is always scary to the students and it is full of stress for the students. Students of fun-filled to fall asleep the night before exams and they keep on worrying about whether they have done enough preparation for the exam or some more revision is required. This is that time when the hard work for the test or the exam is done by you and it is now the time to relax your mind and body so that the exam can be completed confidently. However, students do not feel calm before the night before exams because their minds keep on thinking about the questions that will be asked in the test or their final results. It is all normal and almost every student feel this anxiety night before the exams. Sometimes this restlessness among the students’ night before the exams result in a situation where students forget the answers to the questions. The night before the examination need to be considered as an opportunity to pacify the minds and relax by taking sufficient sleep to perform best in the examination. You must be finding it difficult to feel relaxed the night before the examination. You also need to know the best way of revising the content studied by you for days in nights before the exams so that you can remember each and everything in the exams. There are some tips and tricks that can be implemented by you night before exams to study, remain calm and wake up feeling confident and refreshed. This blog will highlight the top 5 study hacks night before exams that will help you to score the best grades in your test or exam.

Do regular revision: Students often make the mistake of covering new concepts that are not studied by them just a night before the exam in the hope dark they will be able to attempt to the questions asked from these Concepts in the exams. This is not recommended because this technique often creates confusion and students end up forgetting the concepts already studied. This is the time to play safe and not to experiment with new study material or new memorization techniques. This is the time to do regular revision and follow the regular study methods that have always proved to be best for your concentration and productivity.

Some students are more focused with light music in the background while others feel more focused while studying in complete silence. You should follow the particular study method that has always worked for your concentration and you should avoid any new method at this point. We all need time to adapt to new study methods and to understand the new concepts. Therefore, the night before exams should only be dedicated to regular revision with the same study methods.

Discuss with your friends: You can work together with your friends and revise the concepts with them. You along with your study buddy should create a list of probable questions that can be asked in the exam and schedule a discussion with your study partner the evening before that exam. You both can help each other with the answers to these probable questions and can also help with any kind of queries. If you were someone who does not like to study with anyone, then you should randomly talk to your friends for some time before the exam to feel relaxed and motivated. You can also ask some doubts about the important questions from your friends who happen to know about that particular concept better than you. It is always observed that friends are better teachers the night before exams.

Don’t rely too much on coffee

It is observed that students often consume coffee the night before exams in the hope that coffee will help them to feel awake and more concentrated on their studies. However, this is not the right approach because consumption of caffeine only provides a temporary energy boost but it will possibly have side effects in the form of dehydration and fatigue. Instead of having coffee, drink enough water to feel hydrated and energetic. You can also take herbal teas that make you feel calm and focused. You should keep on snacking on the foods that make you feel energetic such as fresh fruit and juices at this point in time. Even during the exam, you should carry a water bottle with you so that you can sip the water whenever you feel dehydrated and stay focused during the exam.

Prepare a Pre-Exam Plan

Planning always helps in guiding the efforts in the right direction. The night before the examination, students are recommended to make a Pre-Exam Plan. In this exam plan, list all the concepts that you find important from the exam point of view and the concepts that you find it difficult. These concepts should be revised by you on priority during the revision. You should also back everything that is required to successfully complete the exam or tests such as student identification card, authorization letter, required stationery items. You should also get yourself a proper time to have a healthy and nutritious meal right before the exam that will leave you to feel energetic during the test and exam. All this will help you to ease your stress about the exam.

Just Relax

This is the most important point that you have to remember the night before the examination. You need to give yourself a brain break and you should take some time for your relaxation. You can take a hot shower, bubble bath, aromatherapy by lighting aromatic candles, listening to your favourite mind relaxing soft music, doing some breathing exercises, talking to your friends and family who motivate you and praying. Feeling relaxed is very important to retain the information studied by you for the exam and you need to give your brain a break to process all this information.

We hope that these study hacks will help you to get success in your examination and Academic tests. You can also follow these study hacks to prepare for a test in one night.

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