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Understanding the Role of Spatial Order in Framing Exemplary Assignments Australia

05 May Understanding the Role of Spatial Order in Framing Exemplary Assignments Australia

In any composition, this order is significant as it allows the arrangement of the words into paragraphs that allow the writer to communicate their respective positions from his perspective. The objective of the spatial order is to provide the readers with the mental image of where the objects are located in order to present a visual tour guide. When it comes to structuring an exemplary assignment, there is more to it than having a good command on the English language. The structure of the text is responsible for defining how the readers draw the ideas presented by the author together. The cohesive organisation of the word also allows the authors to glue the details together and improve the structure of the essay.

Assignment writing is complex and detailed and because of this, a lot of students face challenges when compiling and presenting information that has to include spatial order in it. Spatial ordering is not as easy as making use of the transactions since it requires greater investment and making use of deep thought process for it. This article will provide you with an understanding of spatial order and how it can be used for framing assignments that are exemplary and that help you in scoring well. Using spatial order in organising your essay simply requires representing your ideas and making use of logical development. The spatial organisation is most commonly used for writing descriptive essays. The purpose of using the style of writing is to invoke the senses of the readers and provide them with a detailed understanding of the concepts and the facts. Spatial order has a significant role in describing the scenes and settings and when providing directions in essay writing.

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  • The objective of using the spatial order is to structure the words according to space and position. The most important part of writing spatial order essays are the signal words. Some of the most commonly you signal words in the spatial order essays are:
    • Continuation signal words
      • First of all
      • Similarly
      • Again
      • Moreover
      • And finally
      • Other
      • Too
      • Furthermore


    • Change of direction signal words
      • But
      • Conversely
      • Nevertheless
      • On the contrary
      • In spite of
      • However
      • On the other hand
      • Still


    • Sequence signal words
      • A, B, C
      • Before
      • Now
      • Always
      • Until
      • On time
      • After
      • Since


    • Time signal words
      • Immediately
      • Slowly
      • Once
      • Lately
      • After a while
      • When
      • During
      • At the same time


    • Illustration signal words
      • In the same way
      • Much like
      • For example
      • For instance
      • Such as
      • Similar to
      • Specifically
      • To illustrate


    • Emphasis signal words
      • Especially valuable
      • The basic concept
      • The principal item
      • Most noteworthy
      • Pay particular attention to
      • The most substantial issue
      • The primary concern
      • A significant factor


    • Cause, condition or result signal words
      • Consequently
      • Resulting from
      • Without
      • Because
      • Thus
      • Until
      • Since
      • So that


    • Spatial signal words
      • Adjacent
      • Far
      • Here
      • Across
      • Towards
      • In front of
      • Next to
      • Outside


    • Comparison-contrast signal words
      • Different from
      • Similar to
      • Less
      • More than
      • Opposite
      • However
      • Either
      • Less than


    • Conclusion signal words
      • Finally
      • To summarise
      • Therefore
      • In conclusion
      • Consequently
      • From this we see
      • Hence
      • As a result


    • Fuzz signal words
      • Almost
      • Probably
      • Reputed
      • Alleged
      • Looks like
      • Was reported
      • Maybe
      • Seems like


    • Non-word emphasis signal
      • Exclamation mark
      • Underlining
      • Bold type
      • Italics
      • Subheadings
      • Quotation marks
      • Numbered points
      • Graphic illustrations

    Now that you understand the meaning of the spatial format and the signal words that help in constructing the paragraphs, it is time to learn the essential steps that will enable you to frame an essay describing the spatial arrangement. You can follow the steps given below to write assignments with the spatial arrangement:

    • Select an interesting topic

    Choose your topic carefully for writing a spatial assignment essay. The topic should be gripping and reasonable at the same time. The topic should be such that you are able to form paragraphs in the spatial format for its explanation.

    • Use signal words

    The list of signal words provided in this article is not exhaustive. You can use any of these or more signal words to connect your thoughts and make your writing more coherent. These words will help you in putting across your feelings to the readers and structurally formatting the paragraph to create a proper image of the situation that you wish to communicate.

    • Provide examples

    Make sure you provide enough examples in your writing to create the right visual images when writing a spatial order assignment. The examples will allow your readers to exercise their imagination and the visual cues will enhance their understanding of the text.

    • Add that personal touch

    The writing in spatial format should contain your personal style and should be self-explanatory. The objection topics included in the descriptive writing should be personalized to convince the readers and to provide an explanation of all the elements in detail.

    • Edit and proofread

    This is the golden rule for any writing. Carry out critical evaluation of the text and carefully revise it to identify all the mistakes and correct them. During the editing, you can also add words for enhancing the overall visual appeal of your composition in a significant manner. Editing and proofreading will also help you with creating a paragraph that is structurally organised.


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