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What is a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

03 Jul What is a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

There are many formats of academic writings and rhetorical analysis is one of those formats. Students sometimes also have to do assignments as their course work related to the rhetorical analysis essay. It is all about convincing the readers about the author’s viewpoint. It is a process where the writer aims at persuading the audience. In writing articles, speeches, advertisements, essays, media pieces, etc. rhetorical analysis format can be used.

Rhetorical strategies

Mainly three strategies are used for the rhetorical analysis and for persuasion.

  1. Ethos:It means the credibility appeal should be there in the essay. In this strategy, the author has to represent facts and opinions in such a way that the audience can trust the content.
  2. Pathos:It is that emotional appeal. While writing an essay, the author must ensure to use language creatively and from the reader’s point of view. Readers must feel connected to the content.
  3. Logos:It is the aspect of critical thinking. For this, the writer makes use of statistics, facts, data, examples, etc. from authentic sources to convince the audience.

Writing a rhetorical analysis

To write a rhetorical analysis essay, some of the key points and tips should be kept in mind. Let’s discuss how to write a rhetorical analysis essay

  • Choose a topic that interests you the most. It will help you to provide a comfort level and you would be able to express your opinions more firmly.
  • If you do not have the authority to choose the topic, then make sure you read enough and gain a deep understanding of the topic before writing the essay.
  • Add different appeals in your essay to attract the audience and make them feel related to the essay. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are the three appeals which must be included in the essays
  • Make use of authentic examples, facts, data to support the arguments raised by you.

Before writing the essay using this format, assess your readers, and write according to your reader’s expectations. If the rhetorical analysis is used in speech, then pauses and tone will be used to put stress. In the case of a written essay, hyperbole phrases, metaphors, transition words can be used to make the essay more appealing.

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Rhetorical analysis essay outline

Before writing the essay, prepare a structure of the essay. Outline the different parts of the essay and think about the content you want to include in each part. Following are the steps to be followed in the rhetorical analysis essay outline

  • Introduction: Start with explaining the topic under consideration and what is the purpose of writing the topic. Discuss the importance of the topic as per the present scenario.
  • Body paragraph 1: Start giving your opinions, arguments, and ideas about the topic.
  • Body paragraph 2: Elaborate the claims given in the first paragraph and support the claims using examples, facts, and data. Keep on connecting the claims with the topic sentence.
  • Final body paragraph:Start with a sentence that will connect the last sentence of the second body paragraph. If any detail is missed out in the above paragraphs, add all those details. Add more and more authentic examples to support your ideas and also take up the opposite views and oppose them strongly to convince the audience.
  • Conclusion: Conclude the argument in such a way that the link is made with the above paragraphs. Express your final thoughts in this step.

To sum up, the key to writing an effective rhetorical analysis essay is to breakdown the content in various parts and build the plot slowly. Add examples and data to support your ideas and make them appear more logical. Every argument or strategy should be supported by some facts or examples. Make a connection with every strategy with your main idea or opinion while writing the essay. Highlight your thoughts using exaggerating words such as hyperbole phrases, linking words, adjectives, etc. Also, throughout the rhetorical analysis essay, keep in mind that the purpose is to persuade the audience. IF still any confusion is there or you need help in writing a rhetorical format essay, contact us for the quality work.

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