Winning Leadership Essay Examples and Writing Tips

Winning Leadership Essay Examples and Writing Tips

13 Feb Winning Leadership Essay Examples and Writing Tips

Essay writing is a perfect combination of art and science. Students often get essay writing assignments as part of the academic curriculum. There are different types of essays that students can get such as descriptive essays, response essays, argumentative essays, narrative essays and many more. Leadership essays are one of these types and students find this task very confusing. The leadership essay revolves around leadership qualities and the students have to include their definition of leadership in this essay. The definition of effective leadership keeps on changing from time to time. There used to be a time when a particular style such as the democratic style of leadership or authoritarian style of leadership was considered to be the best style of leadership. However, at the present time, the situational leadership style is considered to be the best leadership style. According to this leadership Style, a leader should adopt the leadership style in accordance with the particular situation. This means the best leadership style is one that is flexible. Students have to express their views about these different leadership styles and the people adopting these leadership Styles. Students have to mention in this essay the benefit that Society reap from the efforts made by these leaders. Essential leadership qualities need to be outlined by the students and different perspectives about the concept of leadership have to be mentioned. Writing a leadership essay is a challenging task for the students because students have to describe their own perspectives about the leadership Concepts in this essay. There are many leadership essay examples that can be referred by the students to write a perfect leadership essay. These leadership essay examples revolve around the burning topics about the leadership concept. This blog will highlight some leadership essay examples and the perfect way of writing a leadership essay to impress the readers of the students.

How to write a leadership essay

Leadership follows an almost similar structure as of a standard essay such as introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The content matter of the leadership essay revolves around leadership qualities, concepts, stylists, and society.

Leadership essay introduction: The leadership essay has to start with a leadership essay introduction. This is the beginning of the essay and the theme of the essay need to be set by the student in this part. Hook and thesis statement has to be mentioned in this introduction and this should be logical and convincing. Some interesting facts about the topic, statistics about the topic, famous quotes, anecdotes, questions that make readers read the essay can be added in this part. This is the Beginning point of the leadership essay and this need to be interesting so that readers continue reading the remaining essay.

Body paragraphs: After the leadership essay introduction, body paragraphs need to be added by the writer. There can be 2 to 4 body paragraphs in this essay. Some arguments should be decided by the writer in advance and these are humans should be mentioned in every paragraph with supporting evidence. The structure of body paragraphs should be outlined properly and the strongest argument should be discussed in the first paragraph. Appropriate examples, facts, anecdotes should be added in these paragraphs. Examples of famous people who have influenced society because of their leadership style should be mentioned in these paragraphs. References need to be added in each paragraph and personal experience about the leadership style should be added in these paragraphs. Transitional sentences should be used to make the paragraphs comprehensible to the readers.

Leadership conclusion: The leadership essay should be concluded with a brief overview of the entire essay. Let’s assume that the essay is about flexible leadership Styles. In this case, the conclusion should include a reviewal of key ideas about adapting to different leadership styles according to the different situations. The conclusion should not include any new information and examples should also be avoided in conclusion. The conclusion should be relatively short and the audience should receive a broader picture of the leadership topic through this conclusion. The conclusion should be open-ended to keep the audience remain interested in the topic.

Winning leadership essay examples

Some of the burning examples for the essay about leaders that can be considered by the students to write the leadership essay are as follows:

  • The key challenges that a leader has to face in The New Team.
  • The importance of flexible leadership Style for a leader to motivate and guide the team.
  • The importance of leadership for college students.
  • Can leadership skills be acquired?
  • Are the leaders always born leaders?
  • My favourite male leader in world history.
  • My favourite female leader in the history of the world.
  • The top 5 reasons for participating in our leadership program.
  • The importance of essay writing skills for a future leader.
  • Why do people follow the guidelines of a leader?
  • What is the role of a leader to motivate the team members?
  • Which leadership values are the most relevant for the benefit of society?
  • The role of self-developed in leadership.

About the leadership essays can be used by college students or school students. These are the burning topics about leadership that never go outdated and these examples can be considered as the basis for formulating a new leadership topic for the essay. Students can choose topics about the importance of leadership, different styles of leadership, the best style of leadership, the role of leadership in motivating team members, the importance of leaders for guiding the team, the best leaders of the world, the importance of leaders for uplifting the society and on similar topics of leadership. Selecting the leadership topic is the first step in writing the leadership essay and then structuring the leadership essay in three main parts of the introduction, body paragraph and conclusion need to be done. The item needs to collect all the relevant facts and examples before writing the leadership essay. The essay should always be written from the point of view of the readers and convincing words should be used. If you get the task of writing a leadership essay as part of your academic course, you can always ask the help of our team.

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